Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 22, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

Annie is hosting the meme today. Time travel tuesday. Today is searching your first blog and what made you decide to blog.

Here is my first blog almost a year ago!!

Hello world!

I have wanted to a blog for awhile just never did. I used the great and wonderful world of myspace for a few of my thoughts that i just had to get out. But really… Myspace is not a good place to tell you deepest darkest venting. Only the world of good Googling should  someone be able to find your deepest secrets… Yeah right.

Welcome to my world. I am sure soon you will want to get out but till then.. Welcome…

That is what I wrote… I wonder why more people didn’t get out!! I started blogging for just that.. an out. A way to say what I needed. I had thought that because it was my own pesonal blog and had my opinons that people could read it ( if they wanted) and realize that they were my opinions. Since it was my way to vent that they would understand where I was coming from. I have found that not to be 100% true. I hope that those who read can understand that it is not meant to offend or be directed at one person in particular. I also think that some don’t undestand that you usually blog when something happens. that means you will have a variety of ups and downs on a blog. Not just happy and positive all the time.

I have met so many other moms on the blogging world that I am so happy to read about. Even on the bad days!!!! I can’t wait to see what the others say about their time travel.




  1. I know what you mean. I like that we are human and can relate to each other’s not so perfect experiences.
    I have a cousin named nancy brown… so when I saw your name I thought, “i didn’t know nancy was a blogger.” Your not my cousin, but it is still nice to meet you. Thanks for participating in TTT!

  2. Blogging is sure an interesting experience, isn’t it? 🙂
    Enjoyed “meeting” you through Annie’s TTT.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Nice to meet you!

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