Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 27, 2007

Weekend Reflection

I am SO glad it is finally the weekend. It has been a  long week. I am so gald to be home for this weekend. Last weekend was LONG!!!

So here is the week in Reveiw for us!!

Monday we went to the Foundation for play group and Tyler got a cute little certificate of progress. He is doing so well and loves the workers there. As soon as we get there he is off and playing with the girls. he is such a flirt. I think he was the only kid in the room that takes ALL of his food by mouth and he was the only kid to be sitting on table eating cake, fruit, Dr. Pepper, chocoloate, chips, bananas… You name it he ate it.

Tuesday we had our PT evaluation and it was GREAT!! We get PT once a week and we will be doing AQUA THERAPY!!! He loves the water so I am so excited about that. I really liked our new therapist. She was great and she was very encouraging. So excited

Wed. We didn’t do anything special.

Thursday we met with the long term care nurse for Tyler. It was just the intial interview and we will know more in the next few weeks. Wish us luck.

Friday we had our first OT visit. Not sure if I am going to like her much but Ty didn’t like her much either. She comes right about nap time so we just might have to see if we can get it changed. Dallas worked from home and we ran a bunch of errands. We went grocery shopping and then just hung out.

Saturday is almost over!! Ty has not slept the best since we got home but he has decided that 5 AM … yes your read right… 5 AM is a good time to be wide awake. So we got up and got breakfast and did the dishes and Dallas decided that I could go back to bed. What a great hubby. I slept in till the dryer dude got here.

So now for tommorow. We are getting up ealy yet again and head into our 8 AM church. Its so stinking early… And then we just get to hang out!! Dallas has Monday off so we get a LONG weekend with Dallas. My dryer is fixed so we get to have clean clothes and Bubba.. well hopefully he will decide that he wants to sleep well…

 If you want to participate in weekend reflection go visit Judi!! And sign on in!

 And here is some of our trip….

He goes up to Dallas and makes that face… as he laughs ( the fake laugh) HEHE.. cute!!



  1. Oh he is just too cute! And what a beautiful picture!
    Hope you get it all worked out with the therapists. I didn’t like Izzy’s S.T. at first but she has ‘grown’ on both of us :o).

  2. He is so cute! I miss him so much! (talking about Ty not Dallas 🙂 )

  3. He is so precious! Sounds like an eventful week!

    I love the new blog design. Very clean and neat!

    Give Tyler a big “Way to go!” from me for all his progress.

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