Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 28, 2007

Things Tyler is doing

I forget that most of you don’t know what Tyler does on a regular basis. What skills he has learned, fun things he does, things that make us laugh. So I thought today I would try and remember them all.

  • He has learned to say mom, dad and baby in Sign. He calls Dallas baby to!! I think its because I call Dallas baby whenever I am talking to him.
  • He does all the hand motions to patty cake and does them right and LOVES to throw it in the air.
  • He does the itsy bitsy spider hand motions alone and LOVES it.
  • He turns pages in books.
  • He stacks blocks
  • He has passed  banging them together ( He wouldn’t do that in Utah)
  • He will share his food ( and trust me .. sometimes we don’t want it)
  • He will get his favorite book and give it to us to read.
  • He loves the bath still
  • He drinks from a sippy/straw

I think there are more and I forgot them. Those are the fine motor thing. I don’t think we have made leaps and bounds. We will be getting his glasses ordered and that I think is it. How fun!! Its been crazy and we are hoping that he can sleep longer than 5 am. It is getting better every day but still I like my sleep.



  1. Now you need to teach him NINI!

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