Posted by: Nancy Brown | May 30, 2007

I got lost!!!

I got lost! Thats right. I didn’t take exact directions from mapquest and I got HORRIBLY lost. I got so lost that I was almost scared. I just kept driving in what direction I thought was right and I found the 60!! We were headed to order Tyler’s glasses and the road that I *thought* it was on were two roads that ran the same direction. So I made it deep into the heart of Queen Creek.

When we got to the 60 we headed onto the 202 and then to our doc appointment. They are in their band new office. Dr. C will be scheduled there for a while.  He had to check Ty’s lungs. Ty has been apirating and he has gunk in them now. We are waiting a day or two to see how much it clears before a xray and antibiotics. He moves the gunk when he coughs but he is pretty yucky.

So tommorow we will be heading out once again.. This time I will write the directions!!

 P.S The blog designs is just a fluke with my sisters and I. We all decided we wanted a picture and this one worked best. It isn’t a conspiracy!! BUT go check em out. They make me laugh… LOTS!!

 OH!! AND we are finally on mapquest. You can find our address and get directions now.  No excuses for getting lost!!!  


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