Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 3, 2007

Weekend Reflection

This week has not been overly fun especially this last part. So I will try.. but frankly.. well scroll on down.

Monday was just busy. Dallas did put up a mist system in the back yard which we enjoyed today. 

Tuesday Tyler was and is sick. He sounded awful and was miserable. Turns out he was pretty sick and he aspirated in his lungs and has this lovely old man wheezing crackly coming out of his lungs. He was started on some breathing treatments and seems to be on the mend.

Wed… We found our Eye glasses place and got them ordered after a total break down at the office. He ended up puking that night from crying and had several mini meltdowns that day. Poor kid!!

Thursday was therapy and he was mean and onery for it and so we didn’t get to do much.

Friday Dallas got sick and he woke up with a HORRID sore throat. He just kinda laid around but he had some major paypal work that had to get done so he toughed it out and worked super hard. We were so proud of him. He also helped me out while I did a few things on friday. I appreciate all he did for me yesterday.

Today… Well I woke up with the HORRID sore throat and I brought the little bubba to the front room where D was sleeping on the couch ( by choice.. he couldn’t sleep) and he watched him bright an early and I slept in. Through out the day we both kinda took all the time we needed to nap. To bad I am still tired and plan to hit the sack soon.

I do owe Dallas a huge apology. For over a month I have been hinting that I KNEW he threw away Ty’s favorite toy. It was here one day and gone the next. Of course it was after Ty had a good day with it and LOTS and LOTS of noise came from it. I looked every where for it and I knew it was gone. I was so mean and periodically would jabbed about D tossing it… Well I found it and Ty still loves it and I wish I had never found it… Ok.. not really but it is loud. So. D sorry I thought you threw it out.

Here is hoping for a better week… Go to Mommy of Two for more partcipants of weekend reflection!!



  1. Wow, your week does sound a little rough… makes a broken refrigerator sound like a breeze. Hope you are all well soon and will pray for you all.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun week! About the curling the toes, you do it too (I’ve noticed you do it). At least we all know that it is a family thing! 🙂

  3. Whew. I have had those weeks. I hope this one is better!

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