Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 4, 2007

Drama… is it really one person!

Ok, I know this is usually about Tyler and the comings and goings. But I am gonna vent on my own blog. You don’t have to read I don’t don’t mind. If you don’t like it please don’t leave a comment because frankly I moderate them and I don’t even want to deal with having to delete it or see it because frankly today I don’t care.

Ok.. So my first point of business. I have a myspace. I have a few groups I frequent on their. I was invited to join one because I was “open minded”. I thought that was really nice of them and have been watching how it has been going. It was a debate group so things are bound to happen because that is what it is. I partcipated a lot at first, then decided I didn’t like the stuff that was happening and so then it went to partcipating only when I saw a topic that was interesting ( which frankly wasn’t that many) so I maybe posted once or twice a week. Well the other day someone singled out a mom in a different group to JUDGE her about her choices she made for her child. I of course felt and do feel differently than a lot of the AP hippy parents out there but allow them their opinion but by golly my opinion was not widely accepted.  Here is the background.  A mom whos had a child born with a congenital heart defect has decided to get him circumsized. The group is kinda anti circumsicion and actually are so passionate about it that they call them selfs “intactivist.” They are so passionate that they have gone on to email this mom and tell her that she is abusing her son and mutilating him. Needless to say.. I am in the mutilation category but after much research and what not it was our choice.

It is our choice as parents to do the best we can when trying to raise these kids. If you use the arguement you should be waiting till they are old enought to chose for them selves some of our kids would be dead.

I couldn’t deal with it any more. I resigned. Who cares if I don’t belive the same way you do? Does that make you wrong and me right. NO! It means we can have a conversation but that in the end if we disagree we disagree. If we all agreed in this world we would be the same… VERY BORING. BUT if we do disagree its ok and you dont have to be mean. Plain and simple. Its a difference of opinion.

Ok.. Now for part 2 of the drama. A month ago some things happened in a group I am. I had taken it to the proper people and felt it was going to be taken care of till a comment showed up on my blog. I know where the comment came from even when they were to cowardly to post their name. I wasn’t offended but it made it so I didn’t want them in my safe place. When nothing was being done on list I made it public to the list. In just a matter of minutes I had some pretty un needed emails in my inbox from a moderator who said I deserved all I got and that I ask for mean things to happen. If you don’t believe it.. she even wrote a blog about it.  I am so sick of her blaming me for the drama that she causes all on her own. Staying out of peoples business makes less drama for the ones that you CLAIM cause the drama. Its fo frustrating to be told its all you, its all you when you keep butting in and making it way more of a deal that it is.

In the real world life happens and Yes some people seem to have more drama in it than others. It makes me sad that you would say that that person who has the drama asks for it. You don’t think that some people would love to not have anything drama filled in their lives. You claim they ask for it… THEY DON’T some of us are just lucky enough to have people like you to but in a make it worse and to have other people in their lives that seem to HELP other stuff go on.

Ok!! I am almost done. … If you think that the drama is someone else it is probably because you butted your nose in and said something. People have a right to have issues in their lives. STOP being the judge of who has issues that are worthy of others attention and time…

Ok .. I am done.



  1. Nancy ..
    I love how you told the truth on about having drama …..
    you hit it right on …..

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