Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 5, 2007

Paying a baby sitter….. HELP ME!!

Ok!! So my last post was about our anniversary. We were planning and outing and a NICE outing this Friday. Our church passes out a list of girls that are cool with sitting. I started at the oldest on the list. She was out of town for the week so I called the next age. Now.. my dilemma. She is happy to  come but I don’t know what is appropriate to pay the sitter. When I was a sitter in the rich old town of Orangeville I think I got like 20 bucks. That was on the good old fashioned babysitting. Like where all the kids were in bed, we did the dishes, we made sure the house was clean.. all that jazz. I was a routine twin sitter along with the siblings… so three kids total and I am pretty sure they paid me well.

SO… What do I pay the girl? 20 bucks for the night ( we are going to do dinner and a movie or a show at a club) does that also include making sure she has junk food or pizza?

Let me know your experience!!! PLEASE 🙂



  1. I will do it for twenty bucks! I think that sounds good. I would make sure that there is food there that she can make something, like a totinos pizza or something like that. I wouldn’t order a pizza since it is just her and Tyler won’t eat much of it. Have you talked to some of the people in your neighborhood to see what they pay? Also, I think Andy is having her baby today down there. Just thought you would want to know.

  2. I am glad you are getting out! I think it is important for parents to date, and for teens to have the experience of babysitting as well as for kiddo’s to know it is okay to be with out Mum or Dad.

    As for paying. That is a good question. It has been years and years since I have had a babysitter. I would ask her what she generally charges. As a teen though, I hated that question, so I am not sure that will do you much good-

    Twenty dollars for a night out sounds PLENTY to me-

    Good luck and have fun!

  3. We pay our sitters $10/hour. This varies according to the cost of living in your area. I’m in the northeast and can expect to pay $10+/hour.

    We went to a wedding on New Years eve – were gone for 7 hours and paid $120 because it was a holiday.

  4. WOW! Maegan will come to AZ to watch Ty if you pay her $120.00! (J/K) How could you afford to go any where if you paid that much? I would call your RS leader or YW leader or who ever put the list together and ask them. But if you are hiring someone older and expect them to play not just hang out while Ty’s sleeping then paying a little more will encourage them to say YES next time. Money! Don’t ya wish you had a tree?

  5. well Im a babysitter and im still in highschool. so I know how it would be to get twenty bucks. it all depends on how long your going to be and how many kids. if it was three kids then it should be 3 dollars to five dollars an hour for each kid. I would hate to get 20 bucks to watch three kids for like 6 hours.

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