Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 9, 2007

Weekend Reflection

The week has been pretty uneventful. The sickness is still going on in the house.

Monday was a normal Monday. I started a new adventure this week that will remain nameless for awhile and we were all super super sick.

Tuesday we didn’t do anything super exciting. Ty woke up screaming that night having BARFED all over. We got him up and and cleaning him up and I went and laid in my bed with him. He got all fidgety and I decided to take him in to try his bed again and he puked all down the hall.

Wedensday I was so sick I didn’t do anything but lay around. I cough and cough and feel like crap to the point of exhaustion.

Thursday Dallas got a strep test. It was negative but he still feels like garbage. Tyler decided that while we were getting on the freeway in Chandler that he would get all pissy because he had to puke and again spent the ten minute drive  projectile vomiting all over himself. It was to hot to stop so I had to keep driving.  I called Childrens phoenix hosptial to talk to a seurosurgeon to get advice on wether we should think shunt or not and apparently have NO IDEA what hospital our neurosurgeon practices in. Its not CPH. So the NSG wouldn’t really sayanything about a shunt malfunction. So I went with NO.. and Friday no puking. ( But my car smells like curdeled chunky milk… YUMMY)

Friday we did taost and really light food so he wouldn’t puke and he seemed fine. Me and Dallas went out on a date for our Anniversary. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner. ( Our waiter, for those who live in Orangeville, worked with K. Anderson at the Golf Course in Price) Then we had a very VERY fun time at the movies. We watched “knocked up” and laughed so hard. The language is NOT the cleanest but wow what a real movie.. Go see it. Well worth it. Don’t drink lots if you are a pee your pants when you laugh kind of person. We loved it.

We found a great babysitter and Ty did great. On a note for my sisters… Guess what they are remaking? HAIRSPRAY!!! Go Tracy Turnblad!

For more weekend refelections go Visit mommy of Two



  1. Ok, I know you didn’t have fun with all the puking going on but to hear you tell this story is absolutely the funniest thing I’ve read all day! Bless your heart! I hope things are better as far as that’s concerned. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a nice dinner and got to watch a fun movie!

  2. I’m so sorry about all the sickness! Ick! Hope everyone is well now. And I’m glad you had a nice date night. My hubby and I had one last weekend and saw Pirates. And they showed the Hairspray preview. I loved the first one, and this one looks really good, too.

  3. I know that they are remaking Hairspray and guess who the mom is in it….. John Travolta!! It really is I promise.

  4. I think JT is going to be awesome in hairspray! love it.
    Prayers for a better week for your crew.

  5. Eww….I hate it when the barfing starts. Ack! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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