Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 11, 2007

Terrible two’s?

You know the temper tantrums, crying, pinching. They say it happens at 2. I think we have it NOW. I don’t think I would go off adjusted for this one!!! Tyler is in his terrible 2’s.

Let me tell you about our Bubba!!! Dallas and I are both sitting here. He wants to touch something he shouldn’t. He usually doesn’t get to so nothing new. We say “No, Tyler lets do ____________ ( insert another activity)” and he gets this face… the one where the lip goes and and he starts to have BIG elephant tears that come to his eyes and he starts to cry.

He is sitting on our lap and wants to get down. We put him down and he tries to get back up. He gets told “Hold on, we will get you in a second.” BIG pouty face and he sits down and cries.

He won’t go down for a nap. He wakes up at 4 and won’t go back to sleep unless he is in with us. Of course I am a bad mom cause I will bring him in cause I need my sanity sleep as well. He is super picky on his food and will throw it at us if he doesn’t want it. He won’t drink from his sippy. He gets into EVERYTHING he isn’t suppose to and HASN’T till now. He cries when on of us leaves the room. He gets pissed when we make him walk to the room or walk anywhere at this point.  He freaks out at night when I am not there to give him a bath. He is being such a baby….. Great birth control!! ( Dallas said that to him tonight and he laughed RIGHT ON CUE!!! )

Despite the terrible part there is also a cute part. He tries to say ” I love you”. Me and D always tell him in a high pitched voice and when we ask Ty to tell Daddy that I love you he makes this screechy high pitched noise and says Dada at the end.

He LOVES the water so today ( for example) I took a shower Early and he wanted to get in. I told him that if he wanted to get in he neeed to take off his shirt and he pulled it above his head. When D got in later Ty wanted to get in so we asked him to take of his shirt. ( he had on a onsie so it wasn’t quite as easy) He pulls it on his belly like he is getting it off and looks at the buttons inbetween his legs.  Then after dinner he got a bath because he looks like a freaking ompa lompa.

We love him to death and he is so freaking funny. The terrible 2’s are gonna make us old!! And he is SO not 2 yet!



  1. Lilly does the same thing. She has these stages where all she does is freak out. Then one day she wakes up and is back to her old self again. But saying tantrums only start once their 2 is a BIG FAT LIE!!!! 🙂

  2. LOL. Nor does it stop when they turn three:)

    Hang it there! The “I love you’s” make it all worth it though, don’t they?

  3. Get over it! 🙂 LOL!!!

  4. Ah, the terrible two’s

    It’ll all fall into place!

  5. Riley is going through the same thing which is so funny he has moments and days !

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