Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 13, 2007

Ty, ROP, Glasses.. need I say more!! ……… Part 2

So we got them!! Thats right you heard/read it right. We got the glasses.  How did he do? Well at first he hated them. When we were able to distract him and all that fun stuff he did well. I was so proud of him. He kept them on for 2 hours straight. If something bumped the glasses it was like he remembered that he had them on and he took them right off. BUT overall he did well. Here are some pictures…..

Here is a view through the eyes of our baby!!

An update on baby Noah. He seems to be doing a little better tonight. The first procedure worked so now we are just waiting and seeing how things work. He will be weaned of the Vent tommorow morning and meds for his PDA will be administered.

Thanks for the words of encouragement and the prayers and thoughts.



  1. He looks so cute! He looks so grown up! He doesn’t look like our little baby Ty anymore:( When I talking to mom last night, I could hear Kayden in the back saying “I see Ty Ty! I see Ty Ty!” He loves to look at Ty!

  2. I think he is so cute!!!! The kids miss Ty Ty. Talk to ya later

  3. What a handsome little man he is! He looks so big! Way to go Ty!!!! HUGS

  4. Nancy ty looks so cute with his glasses !
    he is a little man now … he is getting big ….
    you will have to keep in touch and let me know how he does on keeping them on … I am also excited to see what riley will look like with his when he gets his glasses…..

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