Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 15, 2007

Single MOMHOOD!! No thank you!!

So Dallas decided that he wanted to have a party in a different state. OK!! He didn’t decide EBAY decided for him. Ebay was having a team party in California. Since half the team is in California and the rest ( 2) are in Arizona they decided to have them fly out. They flew them outWed. afternoon so that today they could go to meetings all day and then Friday have the party and fly home. He will get in late tommorow night. SO its just me and the Bub.

I hate sleeping alone but was looking forward to no snoring ( sorry D) and no teeth grinding. ( I won’t say sorry for that one cause you know it’s loud) BUT I don’t like the empty bed. Everynight I watch a good portion of my TIVO stuff ( aka 90210) but last night I had an unexpected sleeper. Ty decided it was not the night for him to sleep in his bed. So at midnight he came in with me. I was just glad there was an extra side so I didn’t have to share my pillow. He slept on D’s pillow instead. * yes he sleeps on pillows.. has since his last skull surgery.. it just works for him*  He was up bright and early and ready to play. THANK YOU BABY EINSTEIN… Althought I am ready for some new ones.

We spent the day hanging and playing leaving my living a disaster. My plan is to have it all picked up spick and span for tommorow. The kitchen is done and the floor needs a good mopping but that can only get done with no bubba. And the front room will get done during a nap.

I am getting ready to sell my baby stuff 😦 Yes it is sad. In no uncertain terms will I be having a baby ( unless a freak of nature happens) in the next 2 years so I was getting all his fun baby stuff out to sell. I decided to sell it cause it is to hard to ship to those who *may*  be wanting or needing them. So… I got out Ty’s travel swing and had it out where I could take pictures and post them in the appropriate places. Tyler became absolutely fascinated with his swing. So I put him in it. He sat there.. not sure if he liked it. I moved it out of the way and he kept playing with it. Finally tonight he tried climbing in it so I put him back in it and gave him his blanket and binkie and out he went. It was so cute. BUT for those of you who are reading and are thinking that he is to big. The swing is made for kids up to 25 pounds. Just like ALL other baby stuff.. He is 21… HAHA. So yes. My kid can still fit in a bouncy and all other weird stuff not made for a 2 year old.

This is me and the Bubba after taking some big boy pictures for Daddy.

My baby who is to big for his swing lenght wise but still has a few pound to go before being the chubby kid!!

So that is the life of a mom.. single for a day or two… and can’t wait for her other half to get home.

Crystal updated on Noah at her blog if you want to go check it out.. Please keep him in your prayers. We sure can’t wait to have a new boy to play with!!


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