Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 17, 2007

The ” Fathers in my life”

Instead of weekend reflections I would like to write a little about the “men” in my life. So, here is my “Life reflection”

The first and most important is Dallas. He has been gone this week. He reminds me how much I appreciate all of him. There are so many things that make him a great father.

When we were driving to the hospital and we both realized that there was something “wrong” I realized at that point that we were becoming parents. He has this “thing” about hospitals. I was in labor. He couldn’t and didn’t have time to be to nervous. He was wonderful. I couldn’t look at him during my contractions because I didn’t want him to be scared. When I did look at him he was so strong and so wonderful. He took care of Tyler as they loaded him into the helicopter. For the full five days I was in the hosptial he didn’t leave and he stayed there with us.

There were times that he went to the hospital at night when I couldn’t. He would hold Ty and look at him. He said it was his most favorite time. He was so proud to be his dad. He let me hold him first when we were able to hold him. He was strong through all the ups and downs. He was there when I needed him.

Dallas is the most amazing man. He is kind, gentle, caring, sweet and most loving man. He has so much love. I am glad it gets sprinkled on me and Tyler. I love watching Tyler with Dallas. Those two are so cute. The tenderness that he has  for Tyler is so amazing.

He uses his Priesthood and gives us all the blessings we could need or want. He takes care of me when I am sick. He cooks the best dinners. He is amazing.


He works so hard all the time. He is so thoughful. He is my best friend. He carries so many of his Father’s characteristics and his Great grandfathers characteristics. I am a lucky person. I couldn’t and wouldn’t  ask for a better husband or father to my children.

The next ” Father ” in my life is My dad. He is always there. He would do anything for any of his children. He always has and always will. He has sat through countless surgeries of Tyler’s. He has always taken care of me. And as weird as it is he even helped with my c section wound. He has been called in the middle of the night when we were being admited. They dropped everything and came when we had Tyler. He has moved me a million times ( and made me get rid of some shoes) He wrote me while I was on my mission.  They were some of the best letters I have ever gotten. I even got the privelege of his very first EMAIL!  He would walk through fire for any of his kids. He is kind and gentle. He is spiritual and he is willing to let us see him cry. He loves my mom. We have seen it since we were little. He taught me that the man I will marry will be the greatest man and that he would treat me as I should be treated and he was right. I will always have a special place in my heart for my dad.

That is my dad .. with Ty in the hosptial.

The other “Father ” is Ken. Dallas’ dad. Sounds strange I know. But he is a huge part in our life. He is the man who raised my husband. He instilled the characteristics that I feel in love with. He raised Dallas to respect women. To love his wife. To love his children. To work hard to provide for your family. He taught patience and understanding. I don’t know him well but I plan to be around a long time. What I do know is that he loves his children. He loves his grandchildren and he respects us as parents to allow us to raise our children. I love watching him with Tyler. He just LOVES his kisses. He was so sad when we moved. He is a good example and his example is somthing that he has gotten from his father and something he passed on to Dallas and it is something we are trying to pass down to our children.


So that is a small glimpse into my life. I am so proud to have each of them in my life in a small way.  They have shaped and molded who we are and who we will become.

Thank you for being the Fathers  in my life.

* On a side note. Please keep Crystal, Shane, Lily and baby Noah in your prayers this weekend. He is having troubles with his Mitral valve. Please pray that it will close and the leak will get better so that he can come home. Please visit Crystal on her blog. She is a amazing mom and her and her family deserve this little boy home with them.  Thank you!



  1. That santa pic is just adorable!
    What a great post.

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