Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 18, 2007

Something …

I was watching Oprah the other day. ( I stay home.. I watch Dr. Phil to… LOL) I had actually seen the original airing of this but had forgotten about it till I saw the repeat. Any way it was the Dad and his son. His son as Cerebral Palsy. Him and his dad run races. LOTS of Races. On the Oprah show his dad had huge tears running down his face. ( so did I . I cry ALOT lately… not sure..) His son is not verbal but he uses a special computer to help him speak. His mental capacity is still there. In fact he works and lives on his own. But during the show he told his dad that he was the wind beneath his wings. SO CLICHE but so true. He said when he was running with his dad he felt free of his disability.

On this Father’s day I wanted to post the link to the story. It was also featured on MSN today. Please read it… It will make you cry. A total 4 tissue story.



  1. I love this story! It makes me cry even thinking about it. LOVE It! It is the epitomy of somebody thinking not of themselves but of soimebody else.

  2. You should also link them to the you tube thing about them it is awesome!

  3. Really neat.

    I’ve read their book- I am assuming you mean Team Hoyt?

    (I didn’t click the link)

    What a great father’s day story!

  4. Oh my gosh I seen this and was bawling myself…

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