Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 22, 2007

Do you know what time it is?

I forget that I need my beauty sleep. I like my bed. I like my bed to myself ( with *D* of course) Monday Ty came in with us at about 3. Tuesday he spent the day puking. It seems that I think he is doing better and he ends up painting my car, his carseat and everything within projectile range in chunky milk. Makes for a lovely perfume for the garage in our 107 degree weather.

Tuesday he slept with us after waking up SCREAMING at midnight. Me and Ty had to share the love sac and he wanted to sit up all night. Poor kid. Made it so my “sleep” was almost non existant.

Wed. Well he did well until about 2 and then the vomiting started again. This time he would totally zone out and I would have to startle him out of the zone and he would cry and just lay there.

Ty had fallen off the bed the other day. I freak out and am POSITIVE he is dying and I broke his head and I am crying. I get him to the Docs and he is a happy kid. The Ped is “almost” sure it isn’t his head but is pretty sure its just a bug that makes his reflux act up.

Today no puking but .. I am so tired. Why do people want newborns? Why do people want to have no sleep? I want sleep.

So Any ideas as to how to get Tyler back to sleeping through the night I am all ears. He is such a good kid. If only he would use what words I KNOW are in his little head.



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