Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 23, 2007

I think I am addicted..

I have a lot of “addictions” but this one is weird. The discovery health channel has a baby show called “Special deliveries”.  I am addicted to it. Weird huh.

My sister use to love the baby show on TLC. She loved the cute little stories and them bringing home their bundle of joy ( whatever..) and she would watch it every day as her tummy got bigger and bigger. Not sure if she watches it still. I use to love to hear about babies and births and the joy and all that jazz. But when mine didn’t go exactly as planned I didn’t want to watch those things.

Well, If you are in the same boat as I am I might have the show for you. ALL the babies on their have something wrong with them!! If they don’t end up in the NICU the mom is high risk and its a huge disaster. I makes me feel better. Sad!! YES!! but very very true. 

One a different note. One of our friends from the NICU who lost a little one ( Ty’s girlfriend Maeve) just had a healthy baby boy named Issac. She wondered why they didn’t have tubes and oxygen and blow by on her son. She even asked for him to be transferred to the NICU. There was NOTHING wrong with himbut there were so many things wrong with the first one that they didn’t know how to react to the second one. We are So happy for Erin and Bryce and their new addition. YAY for Erin. Congrats on the big baby!

On the Noah update.. He was admited to Denver and is now waiting for a heart. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers if you are so inclined. Good luck Aunt Crystal and Baby Noah in Denver.



  1. OH MY GOD

    You and I are too eerily alike. That is one of my favorite shows too!!! I have like 50 of them Tivo’d at the moment LOL

    I do like the show, but it does get a little overdramatic. And almost everyone ends up in a c-section. And when moms decide to labor naturally without pain medicaitons, the narrator always makes a big deal about how “tired” the mom is getting because she hasn’t had any meds, yet he always makes it sound soooo scary when a mom ends up in a section. Come on – what side of the fence are you on?? I want to write the show and tell them that it’s called “meconium” and not “MERconium” 😉

  2. Glad to know how Noah is doing, thank you for the update.

    And yes, you do have a lot of addictions. Drugs, drinking.. ya know.. *smirk*

    I would watch this day and night- if I had access.


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