Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 24, 2007

Weekend Reflection


This week has been pretty dang boring for us. We need to do something fun. It has to be indoors. It’s to hot outside for the little bubba.

Monday we ran into Mesa/Gilbert and ran some errands. It was getting me ready for our new adventure in the middle of July!!! Ty and I ate lunch at a GHETTO DQ and he was making all the cute old ladies laugh so hard. He kept saying ” mom, mom and then really loud MOM!” Even thet mail man was laughing. Oh and his PT changed days and Dallas was the one here for it. He did so good and stood all alone and took a few steps. He is doing so well. He wore his glasses for it to!!

Tuesday we did housework and laundry. Fun and exciting

Wed. we went to Queen Creek and had my eyes checked. Apparently my astigmastism is not exacltly straight so I will never see perfect with contacts ( kinda knew that but this time I saw my EYE map)  On the way home Ty decided to start puking agin. he did that the rest of the night. I have no idea why.

Thursday we played it easy and stayed in thinking that maybe it was the 108 degree weather that made him sick but that would be a BIG FAT NO! Along with the fact that he has stopped ( yet again) sleeping through the night. This time Ty was to lethargic to not be a little worried so off to Dr. G we went. Of course Ty is back to his old self crawling and pushing stuff all over the office. Dr. G ordered us to get scans at the neurosurgeon on Thursday and then we changed some reflux meds. If it is the reflux we will be on our way to GI.

Friday … well after the eventful two days we just hung out. We cleaned and did that stuff but didn’t do much else.

Today was awesome. I LOVE having Dallas home and wish he could be home with us forever. I am so glad we were able to talk this week and work on a few things. I love his new ” look” that I helped him with. It makes me smile every time I see him. We went and got his hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. I am getting my nails done and tanning passes. I am so excited about both of those. I can’t wait for my new adventure. He is being so supportive of it and it will help us reach our goal for the year. He is so amazing. Tyler seems to be back to normal the last few days and tonight he is sleeping alot better than he has. We bought him a new toy and he LOVES it.

Tommorow is Church and just a day of each other. I LOVE that he is home for the weekend. He has been working so hard and he is loving his new job. Stay tuned for Dallas’ fathers day/ I love you and want you to be happy present and Dallas has worked his BUTT off and deserves it present. It comes out Friday at 6 ( can you guess you tech geeks!!) he has worked so hard for it he deserves it.

For more Weekend reflections visit Judi and read about others weeks!!



  1. Hi there! I would love to add Tyler and Noah to the Gus’ Gang blog so others can be praying for them…would that be ok?? If so, would you mind if I grabbed some photos for an introduction post? Also, I would love to send Crystal some “good mail” while she’s in Denver…is there an address I can send things to or should I just send mail to the hospital??

    I’ve been reading through your archives…and I visited Tyler’s page. He is such a cutie and I love the new glasses! Gus was a 35 weeker so we didn’t have any problems with ROP but he did lose his hearing due to the heavy doses of gentamicin. Keeping hearing aids in that child was impossible! He also had quite a few surgeries…the first being a PDA ligation. That was very scary wasn’t it?!

    Anywho…I’m enjoying your blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my place. Your Tyler is a real cutie pie:) I love the picture in your header — so darling. And he sooo cute in his glasses!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I love talking to Ty! I can’t wait til he will be able to talk back instead of breathing in the phone! 🙂 I miss him! Give him lots of loves for Aunt Nicky..

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