Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 29, 2007


Ya know I have no idea what it is about this thing. But tommorow I become victim of its desirable features. Am I getting one…. OH NO!! Dallas, the wonderful man that he is, is getting one as a late Father’s day and you have worked your butt off present. Am I going to go and get it for him… OH NO!!!! Rumor has it people will be lined up.

So Dallas will be gone to the At&t store tomorrow. I will be HOPING I don’t get a call from Banner Desert Gilbert to come get him from the ER. It is suppose to be a whopping 111 degrees tomorrow. 

No.. he seems prepared and has food, water and gatorade and of course his essentials… Computer.  When I teased Dallas about him going he reminded me that I knew he was this way when we got married. SO!!  To you honey!! I love you and happy belated fathers day. I hope in some way  this shows you how much we appreciate all the hard work and love you have for me and Tyler. He is your bubba all the time. We love you. Thank you for working hard.


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