Posted by: Nancy Brown | June 30, 2007


That is right… it is here!!! Dallas got home about 6:30 PM last night and was SOOO excited to open the box. He decided to wait and activate it at home online instead of waiting at the store. So, the long awaited pictures of the night.

This was the line at the At&t store on Power and Ray in Gilbert Arizona.

Tyler is doing this new thing where he gets SUPER excited and makes this gasping noise. Dallas gave him the box before he opened it and Ty was so excited. The picture doesn’t give the real thing even close to justice.( Tyler not the box)  We laughed so hard.

Couldn’t help it.. Ty is just so funny looking. We had just gotten up for a nap. He is such a geek ( just like his dad)

The first company to NOT waste a box. The phone and the box are about the right size!!!

The Dad Geek happy as can be with his Mac and Iphone!! Who knew he would be converted to Apple. I thought I married a microsoft man!

The unveiling of the iphone. Boy was he happy. Notice the “battle wounds” of his sun streaked face!! He was sweaty and hot and yet he was the happiest man of the day!!

( clarification: Iphones were not released till 6PM in every time zone. The store closed at 4 and reopened for the release. )



  1. Found you through Judi’s blog. Those pictures are so funny. My hubby was telling me the IPhone came out. He’s a big geek but still more into Microsoft. Mostly he’s into game consoles like the Xbox 360.

  2. How fun. I still can’t believe he sat in the hot sun all day for this.

  3. Men do the craziest things for techy gadgets…Love the pics of Ty, Kellar has been doing this tongue flicking thing, looks like a lizard or something…Hope you have a great week…

  4. I can’t believe people were waiting in line for these! LOL! I’m sure they are very cool!

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