Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 1, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Are you sure it is the weekend? We had a pretty uneventful week. We tried really hard to do everything that needed to be done in the week before noon. With the weather here it is just to hot for the Bubba.

Thursday was the only day we had anything planned. Me and Tyler went into Phoenix for his first Neurosurgeon appointment. It was the first time we met this Doc. Dr. R is very different than Dr. W. They work well together and was the ONLY one that Dr. W would work closely with.  It was hard to find the hospital and it was in right down town. It was HORRIBLE. I was in the wrong lanes 2 times and then had to scramble to move over to not have to get off the freeway. Makes me miss the comfortable Utah freeways.

Friday you can see in the previous posts that it was quite a day for Dallas yesterday. Tyler and I took him lunch but it was to hot to hang out for long. But Dad was a happy camper. For more fun pics look at the other posts!!

So that is our week. Not much happening here. We are looking forward to the rest of the weekend and for the holiday!!

 For more weekend refection partcipants go to Judi and sign up!!



  1. He got it, yea!!!
    Have a great weekend (what’s left…) & a great 4th of July!

  2. It’s nice to have uneventful weeks. Hope you have a good week this week!

  3. Hey Nancy! I got everyone posted over at Gus’ Gang. I am certain I’ve gotten something wrong though so you may want to go over and double check things for me. I’m still reading both your blog and Kayden’s mom’s blog so I may have missed something or I might have even gotten things switched around! lol!!

    I hate going to those “in the city” destinations…I always get turnaround and lost and then I start to panic! When we were in Pittsburgh for Gus’ transplant eval and clinic visits, I was so thankful that we had transport from the hotel…Iwould have never made it to the hospital! I really like my small home town! lol!!

    My dh would be completely jealous about the iPhone!!

    Hope your coming week is great!

  4. I bet your husband is so excited to get his phone after waiting all that time! He must have really wanted it! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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