Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 2, 2007

Just thoughts!

Today was Fast sunday at our church. It doesn’t go by any faster but it is one of my most favorite Sundays. For those who are not LDS here is a quick rundown of what fast sunday is. Fast sunday is a day where we go with out 2 meals or for 24 hours.  For the meeting people from the congregation share their Testimony and thoughts about their beliefs and offer thanks.  For me it is a great reflection time. Fasting is a sacrifice and a time to ask for special blessings.  Which for some reason to me is a huge comfort.

Today was the first sunday we have dared let Tyler go to nursery. He has been old enough for awhile( you need to be 18 months or older) but he is SO tiny. Sometimes the other kids just run circles around him. He needs to go and have the interaction but mom is a scaredy cat. I know most moms are so excited to send their toddler off but not his mom. We went in, and he started to play and I snuck out first and watched from the door and then Dallas stayed while they got things going. ( I still watched from the door window) Dallas left Ty and he did just fine. He cried for a little bit but purked right up when they did singing time. I am sure the poor nursery worker had to hold him the whole time but they didn’t come get me so he survived. He took a small nap in there so at home he just wanted to play and not take a nap.  Did I mention he is really cute!!?!!!

On my searches on the Internet at night I have found some amazing blogs. In turn a few have found my blog ( which by the way.. the stuff you are googling is weird!! but welcome anyway) One of the ladies I have met is Jenny. She has started a blog in memory of her son Gus. She sends out amazing good mail and packages to moms and families in need. She has a web page of people who belong to the group ( or visit) that need some extra prayers. In her search she found Tyler, baby Noah and Kayden. She was so nice and emailed me and asked if she could have permission to use pictures and post them on her page.  Please go visit and especially go visit Noah and add him to your prayers. He is VERY sick and VERY VERY much needs a new heart.  Please pray for their family that they can make it through this tough time apart. And a special prayer for Lily that the transition will be easier on her.

And for some strange random Arizona stuff. Did you know that there is no such thing as COLD water? It’s so hot outside all the time that when you shower it isn’t cold.  You don’t need to turn it to hot to have a warm shower. Ty has a bath at night and sometimes it is as “cold” as it can be and it is HOT.

Oh and you remember that lady I wrote about that helped me and Tyler in the airport.. SHE IS IN OUR WARD!!! Today was her first Sunday. What a small world!!* click the link if you have no idea what I am talking about*

Thats all the random thought I can think of right now.



  1. You are so sweet Nancy…thanks for the link! Talking about Fast Sunday reminds me of one of Gus’ nurses that I absolutely love…she is LDS and once she told me that she would be fasting and praying for Gus. That was very special to me…I need to figure out how to get in touch with that gal!

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