Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 3, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

I haven’t done one of these in a while. I don’t have a lot of life experience  for some of them. But this one I have done!! Annie is hosting and I would love to share my wedding!!

We were married on June 4th 2005 ( Yes I know.. us newlyweds) I loved my wedding. It was beautiful. The decorations, the dress, the man!! Everything was perfect. Here is my day in a few pictures!!

   My Bridals!


 My Best friends!!

 Marrying my best friend was the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. During our first year of marriage we would become parents to a miracle baby Tyler, endure his premature birth, 93 days in the NICU and six surgeries. We made it to the temple on June 10th 2006 ( the 4th was a sunday! So we went the next week) Tyler would be just getting out of the hospital from shunt surgery but we made it! We were sealed for time and all eternity! We are happily stuck with each other FOREVER!

So there are a few of the pictures of our wedding. I loved it!

For more time travelers please go visit Annie!!    



  1. Hi Nancy,
    You are newlyweds! How sweet. Your wedding looks like it was just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing it.


  2. What a wonderful memory! Your dress is gorgeous and the picures beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


  3. What lovely pictures. Newlywed just means more fun is to come!!

  4. Great memories!! Your flowers were gorgeous! Glad to hear Tyler is ok.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. Oh happy frist year ( a bit late ) Your dress was very pretty!

    Mine is up

  6. Wonderful photos! I love the last one. You can just feel the love 🙂 Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  7. Sweet pictures!
    I know temple is an LDS thing- how does that work? You have a wedding that everybody goes to and then there’s something else just for you? Is that sort of right?

  8. Pretty pictures and gorgeous dress! I love it. You look so happy and beautiful! Marrying your best friend is truly the best blessing!

  9. What beautiful photos. Newlyweds who have endured so much indeed. We share that as well. We were married in 4-04 and my little micro-preemie was born in 1-06. It is tough but it just brought us so much closer together than we already were. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Everything is lovely! I love the little fence-type thing. You had quite an eventful first year!

  11. What a beautiful bride!! And your hair…just lovely! Very sweet photos…I really like the last one. You can tell your husband is pleased!!

  12. Beautiful pictures! We’re newly weds too!

  13. beautiful dress! Tyler makes your marriage even more special! Boys rule!

  14. what wonderful pictures of your wedding day, they and you are lovely..
    Great time traveling with you today.

  15. Speaking of… I was looking through iphoto the other day and came across a bunch of pics from your wedding. Most of them are crap blurry- our old camera was sporadically crappy. Anyway, would you like them and if so how would you like me to get them to you?

  16. You are such a cute couple! The detail on your dress is gorgeous!

  17. beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!

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