Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 5, 2007

I would die for that

I found this on another site and really liked it. I was told I would never be able to have kids so you can imagine our surprise when I got pregnant with Tyler. But what a surprise he was. Just like the lyrics say I would die for that. I would have died for him to have gone without struggles, pain and all the things he had to do. The day he said momma was well worth it! The day we came home from the hosptial, the day I held him in my arms… I would die for that!!



  1. What a beautiful surprise to be gifted with a baby when doctors told you there would be none. Obviously God had other plans. Congrats!

  2. That is a good song, very emotional… I know the family would do anything for Ty, well any of them. I love Ty so much! I hope he knows how much I miss him! Give him lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt Nicky!

  3. Man oh man….I am going to have to come back later so I can actually hear the words of the song…I had to break up a fight right after I started to video! lol! I can tell by the signs though that I will cry….

    I’m glad you’ve been blessed with your cutie!

  4. Nancy, thanks for sharing. It was beautiful and I totally know what you mean. Ty is beautiful. HUGS.

  5. I cannot wrap my mind around what people like you go through when having complications like you did. It amazes me. I really don’t know how I would handle it. I know it would be only by the grace of God that I could hold myself together. We have two daughters, 13 and 8 1/2. We’ve been trying to get pregnant again for 3 1/2 years to no avail. I am currently seeking medical advice and going through testing to see if anything has changed with my health. We want many more children and the stress of not having any is heavy on me. Thank you for sharing the video. While it made me cry like crazy, it echoed how I am feeling right now. I have to step back and realize that God has given me two children and that may be His plan for our family. I sure hope He chooses to bless us with more though!

  6. Wow whatta video and man how it at one time fitted me so perfectly..I too thought I’d never be able to have children, and then losing Cameron at 20 wks and Kellar coming at 26…But we now have our miracle boys, and we are AWESOME….

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