Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 8, 2007

Weekend reflection

Hello Readers!! It’s the end of a week and the weekend is FINALLY here. We actually had a good week so no complaints really!!

Monday we had PT at our house for Ty and we worked on his balance. He did REALLY well and is getting better each week. Now if someone could just give the kid the memo that we LIKE walking we should be all set!

Tuesday was errands and house work. We had to drive into downtown Mesa and it was nice and HOT outside. Did house work as usual.

Wedensday was just another day at home!

Thursday I was able to get out of the house for the day and Dallas worked from home and chilled with Ty. When I got home they both looked like they had a great day. I was happy to start on my new adventure and was so glad to be home with the cutest boy and Man in the world.

Friday was just another day. Dallas and I got to go on a date and we saw a movie and had a great dinner and the we also heard the BEST NEWS!!!!…….. They got the call!!! NOAH GOT A NEW HEART!!!!

Lori ( my MIL) called Friday to let me know that Crystal had called and told her to call EVERYONE. The nurse had called Crys and had told her that a potential heart was being looked at. At 4:45 AM this morning I got a text message from Crys saying the heart was Noah’s and they would be in surgery soon. 

Last update was the heart was beating and he seemed to be doing well. The first 24 hours are critical. Please visit Dallas for pictures of Noah! A very special prayer is going out for Noah and his family but also for the family of the donor. While we are celebrating our exciting and miraculous news, they are mourning for the loss of their child.  Please comfort that grieving mother and thank her for the most precious gift that a mom could give!

These 2 years have been the most trying for both of my families. Kayden received his transplant in Nov. of this year. Ty was born with some major complications and then precious Noah.  I am so full of thanks and gratitude to the selfless people in this world for those 2 boys. For the prayers for Ty and for the love and support of so many people.

Good luck Crys and Noah!! We can’t wait to come and play. We love you and are thinking of you!!!

For more weekend refections please go and visit Judi!!!!



  1. I just read your comment over at Gus’ Gang and had to zip over here and say that I just can’t stop smiling!! I am soooo happy for Crys…and for all of you…I almost e-mailed you earlier this evening to get an update! I’m exhausted so I’m going to post this great news tomorrow…I can’t wait to tell people at church!!

  2. Wow, Ty is doing great! He will be walking before you know it:)

    Glad to hear about the heart transplant. I hope everything goes well for Noah and his family. God bless the family who lost a child:(

  3. OH Nancy!!!!! What wonderful news! I’m so happy for Noah. I completely know what you mean when you ask for prayers for the donor family. Breaks my heart. I will be in prayer for both families. HUGS!

  4. Hi there,

    I just found your blog from the comment you left me and I have to say – I think your week was busier!

    In reference to your Thursday I have to agree: Isn’t it wonderful to get out of the house, and when you come home, both your guys are doing great!

    I am glad to hear about Noah’s heart. I will definitely be spending some time reading your blog tonight!


  5. Nancy, thank you for your love and support and for helping me spread this great news! (I’ve been too busy to update my own blog). One question though, what’s your new adventure?

  6. YAY! I am so glad to hear of Noah’s heart. What a blessing from above.

    Ty will be walking soon I am sure. My little man is trying to run now. But we thought he would never walk!

  7. ok…spill the beans…what’s going on with Noah???

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