Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 11, 2007

Tuesday Travels

Time travel today is back to our first car or first driving experience.  I have a few but my first car was a Celebrity and a Tempo. I shared with my siblings. The celebrity  broke down alot but me and my sister drove that because my brother said it was a ” grandma car”. Which technically it was because we got it from my grandma.  I don’t know what happened to that car but I was going to share and experience from High School…..

I was 15 as a sophmore. I didn’t turn 16 till my junior year so it was torture. Well my friends and I decided we wanted to go “downtown” ( downtown still had no fast food places and basically… it is so little that it shouldn’t count as a “Downtown anything”) But .. see the problem was.. I was a sophomore. I didn’t have a drivers license…. BUT I had spare keys to my sisters car. So I took it. For some reason she went outside and went to get in her car and it was gone. She called my dad and he came to school.

We made it back and we went to class and while we were sitting in class my dad comes. I was in the trailer for class ( portable classroom= thin walls) and my dad proceded to yell at me and get mad since I had “stolen” her car. Needless to say I don’t think I ever stole it again but that was pretty bad since everyone knew about it. It was totally humiliating.

I have owned a purple escort at one time ( totally cool car let me tell you) and I currently drive a hot smoking Suzuki forenza!!

For more time travel Tuesday!! Visit Annie! And sign on up!!

See ya tommorow for wordless wed….



  1. A purple car? Awesome!!!
    Funny story … it’s easier to look back than to go through it.

  2. That is too funny! I never really had you pictured as a car thief! lol!

  3. I didn’t get my license until my junior year, either. That stunk.
    On top of waiting that long, my parents were gone on my 16th birthday (My 16 birthday was their 25th anniversary and they went away for the week. The nerve!!!) so I had to wait ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK to get my license.
    And somehow I’ve lived to tell about it! LOL

  4. The celebrity was pretty cool. The Tempo “THE BEAST” was even better, ’til I wrecked it. Then we started in having matching cars. You with the purple people eater and then I got the red escort. I got the black Forenza then you had to copy me and the white Forenza! 🙂 We are way too cool for everyone else! 🙂 I agree though, whatever did happen to the Celebrity?

  5. Pretty cool to have a purple car!

  6. Somehow I missed this one on Tuesday! I bet that was embarrassing — but evidently it worked. 🙂

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