Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 12, 2007

Communication with Tyler

It has been a wide awakening for me. Something I knew was there but didn’t put it all together until just recently. Communication!! Not just words or signs but the small telling me what he wants.

He has few words that he uses all the time and consistently. Words that we LOVE to hear. Like Momma and Dada. To see the look on his face when Dallas walks in from work is TOTALLY priceless and then to hear Dada! All worth it. Of course Momma is nice as well but only when it isn’t accompanied by crying or sadness.

Ty says I love you. So cute and so funny. He laughs, mostly fake laughs. He brings me his bottle or cup when he is thirsty. He smacks his lips when he is hungry, he brings us the things he wants. If he wants us to read him a book he brings us a book. The remote when he wants his movie.  A ball when he wants a ball.

When he sees a picture of Baby Noah or himself when he was a baby he signs “baby” . He is completing directions. We tell him its time for a bath and he goes into the bathroom for his bath. He goes into bed when we tell him its night time.

He is doing so well and doing LOTS of new things. He is getting so big. He is standing alone every now and again. When he does stand alone he looks at us and then slowly sits down. We know he can do it. He just won’t. He is stubborn. Like his mom!!

Communication… Him telling me what he wants. Him succeding tasks that are asked of him.



  1. First language from your little one is so joyous! It also affirms that you do understand your child. I love and cherish those moments.

  2. He is getting so big! I love being able to talk to him on the phone. Even though he doesn’t talk much on the phone, I know he listens. I love when he blows kisses and then does his fake laugh. I love him so much!

  3. I’m so glad that you are able to communicate with Ty. He is doing wonderful and I can tell you are grateful for every moment. What a blessing.

  4. I don’t know if you saw or not I left you an award please stop by my blog to see it. May you be blessed.

    In his endless love,
    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  5. Priceless.

    My son is three and has finally turned a corner in his speech.

    It is the best to hear words and have the ability to communicate verbally and even non verbally with your little ball of sunshine.


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