Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 16, 2007

Sleeping….. why does Tyler hate it?

Since I started my new adventure Dallas has had to get up with Tyler at night. It has made all of us a little on the sleep deprived side. I am not sure if I didn’t notice his horrifc sleeping issues when I wasn’t up till way early and needing a little bit of sleep. So here is a little of Ty’s sleeping ( this of course is on a GOOD day!)

6:30- 7 am – wake up for the day

8 am – breakfast

11:30 am – Nap ( usually this is 45 minutes to an hour. On a really really good day 1.5 hours)

12:30 – 1 pm -lunch

3:00 pm -snack

5:00 pm – dinner

7:00 pm bath

8-8:30 pm- bedtime

He usually wakes up at midnight, 3, 3:30 am and 4:30 am . At 4:30 there is a desperate need for sleep so I cave and bring him in with us. ( not always but lately more than I want) He is restless till 6:30 or 7 am.

I wouldn’t be to concerned other than I am losing patience with him in the day because I am tired. After a few days it turns to exhaustion and then of course I am crabby with him and Dallas. Other concerns are his weight. He hasn’t gained since we moved to Arizona, which leaves him teetering on 21 pounds. 

In desperation I called our Ped in Utah. She suggested getting into his new doc and getting a sleep study and I have called and we go tommorow for a ped appointment. I am trying to go with options that we can try and getting us a sleep study.  Any suggestions that you readers have out there I am open and willing to try anything.

A few things we have tried: Benadryl, melatonin, CIO ( cry it out method) co sleeping.  When he is having pressure issues he gets one day of ativan because after that it doesn’t work.  Oh and Insomnia runs in the family. ( Dad, Crys, grandpa Brown, Sheena) All are on medication……

Help Help Help!!!



  1. I know how Ty Ty feels! I haven’t been able to sleep good lately. Last night I woke up every 2 hours. AND, I know how he feels with head pressure! I loved talking to him last night! Love the jibber jabber!

  2. I hope Tyler gets on a better schedule and that you can get some rest!

  3. I’m not sure about your sleep problem but thank you for the comments you left me. It is good to know that there are others out there like us. I hope that like you guys with good PT and some serious stretching, we can change the CP labels the girls were given to less severe ones. I would love it if you would link to us at I think I am going to add a blogroll too.

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