Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 17, 2007

Walgreens….. what a great place!

So we got into our peds office for a visit with the doc. Our normal doc ( that we have only seen 3 times) was on vaction so we took the available doc. He decided to try Chloral hydrate. When I took it to walgreens to fill. Being a typical pharmacy there was a LONG wait but I needed to ask the necessary to see what exactly what I can mix or what flavor we can make this new mixture.

After me smelling it and deciding it wouldn’t make regular milk and carnation taste to horrible we starting getting it filled. Of course the wait is the typical 60 minutes and do we want to stay?  We decided to wait. I went back to get it more than an hour later and waited…. and waited… and waited. The pharmicist kept asking me question. What are we using it for? What does he weigh?  waiting…. waiting.

I of course am getting frustrated. I have to be somewhere and he isn’t helping me get there on time at all! Finally he comes over and hands it to me. Tells me of the dosing. I thank him and leave.

The docs instructions were to give him half the max dose if and when he woke up. So about nine I got his bottle ready. He had woken up a few times previous to that but I was not home yet. Just as I was finishing his bottle the phone rang. It was the walgreens pharmacist. He was checking to see if my baby was ok. The dose he gave us he felt was very high. He hadn’t been able to get a hold of the doc that prescribe it and was just “making sure”. I calmly explained to the pharmacist that Ty was fine. He hadn’t been given any meds yet and I was suppose to cut the dose in half tonight anyway.  He said he would try the doc in the morning and appreciated me understanding his concern.

It was very nice of him to call and make sure Ty was ok. Ty got part of the bottle with the meds in it during the night but never the full bottle so needless to say he didn’t sleep through the night. Not even close. But he was up 2 less times than “normal.”

I guess we will see how a bigger dose does tonight. Poor kid deserves a whole night of sleeping.

Walgreens… what a great place!!



  1. Poor Ty! He deserves a nights sleep (and so does mom and dad) what a great pharmacist though to call and check on him though. I hope that Ty will be able to get some sleep tonight. Keep me updated!

  2. I LOVE Walgreens. Glad that you had a good experience. I hope you guys get some rest soon. HUGS!

  3. That is good though that they are “on top” of things and that he called you to double check..Hope Ty starts sleeping better, and then when you tell me the trick hopefully I can try it on Kellar..haha…

  4. I love walgreens to ! glad you had a great experience with them !
    give ty lots of hugs for me

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