Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!!!

Ty in Feb. After his last surgery. We were heading for a CT scan and shunt series.  He was not a happy camper in the wagon but he got a cookie. Cookies make life better!!

 For more partcipants please go to 5 minutes for mom or wordless wed headquarters.



  1. oh, he is so sad. We miss Ty Ty!

  2. Cookies make life so much better! I miss Ty Ty too! I WILL come down to visit.. I hope you told Dallas my joke about him the other day! lol, the funny thing about it is that you had to ask what it meant! 🙂 Give Ty Ty lots of hugs and kisses for me! Look at his hair then and look at how much it has grown!

  3. Oh I so hope he feels better yes cookies do life good. Hi Nancy praying for you.


    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  4. He is soooo cute!!! Whether he’s happy or not. And yes I’d have to agree cookies do make life better. HUGS

  5. Cookies do make everything better! We have that blanket and it’s a favorite in our family.
    Great WW!

  6. Cookies, are really the secret key to happiness.

  7. His little belly is SO cute!

  8. He is still adorable- mad or not!

  9. Oh, I totally feel the same way about cookies!

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