Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 21, 2007

So many things….

So many things going on in my head. Not sure how to play them all out so here are some RANDOM random thoughts…

Arizona has been so good for us. We have loved it and although it is hot we have really felt at home. The area we live in feels so safe and is just what we needed. I am excited to see what this adventure has in store for us.  Oh, and it is the start of monsoon season and it has been raining like crazy. Its 3:45 am and I am watching a lightning storm. YES mom I am watching a lightning storm ALONE!! *with thunder*!!

 I started a new adventure and I am LOVING every minute of it. It is hard work right now but on August 9th the Grand opening will be here and the fruits of our labors will be apparent to all of Gilbert Arizona! Then maybe you will all find out what it is… maybe.

Ty is doing so well. The new meds seem to be working. I guess I should take some myself seeing that I can’t sleep tonight. he is so much more pleasant when he sleeps better. Not to mention he takes way better naps and I am able to survive. 

Dallas is amazing as ever. He is so kind and generous. He is amazing. I am glad that I have been able to contribute more to the househould and feel like a contributing member of society again! Watching him with Tyler has been such a blessing to me. Him and Tyler are so stinking cute.  They both light up when they are together.

We have felt so blessed as a family. Baby Noah was suppose to be released today. Not sure if it happened but no news is good news. Its almost Lilys birthday and soon it will be my bubba’s. I can’t believe he will be 2.

Well.. Lots more thoughts but I am finally feeling like I am ready to hit the sack. We have some shopping to do tommorow and things to send off. And of course… I really really have to mop the floor.

We are loving it and doing well… I guess that is all that can be expected at this time

Here is a picture of Thursday nights horrible storm. This is our version of a nasty “snow” storm of DUST!!! it down poured and poor Jeep got covered in Dust!!

And our Tyler actually wanted these on!! He is so funny and the LIGHT of our lives. What a joy he is …… Bet all you Aunts and Grandparents miss this!!

Oh. but we did cut that rag a muffin of hair. We need to let it  grow out a little and send him to a salon because he won’t hold till for us!! He is such a handsome boy. I think he is the only 2 year old in our family to get his hair cut OFF so much and yet have TONS of it.  YAY!! For Tyler getting his moms hair.



  1. Glad things are going well with you in Arizona. I think you should start planning a trip back home. Jaxon’s birthday party is going to be on September 15th and I’d love for you guys to be here. I’m sure your family wouldn’t mind a visit either!!!! 🙂 Isn’t Ty’s birthday in September too??? HUGS

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