Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 22, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Is it really the weekend!! YAY!!

Monday was a horrible day. I was sick. We took Ty to the docs and got him some sleeping stuff. It has worked except if we give it to him at bedtime he wakes up at 5 am. It has helped him be more pleasant in the day and take better naps though.

Tuesday Dallas stayed and worked from home. I love it when he stays home. I got to sleep in and I got to spend time with him. We sure love him.

Wed. was a long day but we just hung out at home. Same with Thursday.

Friday Dallas worked from home again. I ran errands in the afternoon and got Dallas and Tyler dinner.

Today was a LONG day and I have decided I am kinda a crabby crabby mom and wife. Hopefully Dallas and Tyler will some day forgive me 🙂 But we took some stuff to a consignment store and looked for some Jammies. Ty has out grown ALL of his stuff despite the lack of weight gain. He is such a little stinker. Well I took his clothes thinking we could just get credit and use it at the store but apparently all of his stuff was “winter” clothes ( which it wasn’t) so I just donated it to charity. I do have a HUGE load for  Koy and will get that sent off. To bad he is a chunk and won’t get to wear some of Ty’s cute overalls.

The consignment store didn’t have ANY jammies so we went off on a quest. I would have bought some shirts at the store but I have a hard time thinking that it is ok to buy a used shirt for 5 bucks when I can find onsies for 5 or less NEW. So we stopped at Target and found a shirt but no jammies. We went to Kohls and they were having a great sale so I bought 2 pairs of jammies. And a few new shirts all for under five dollars each. So he is all set for awhile. 

We picked up some stuff to spruce up our back bathroom and for me to clean up the house. If anyone has any ideas of how to keep a totally glass shower clean I am all ears.

So that is our week.

It seems that a few of my readers out there are curious as to what my new adventure is. Here is the deal. A few of you know what it is … so you can’t play.. but those who don’t… I will play 20 questions. Leave a comment with a question and I will answer it. Every other day I will leave a hint. The winner of the guessing will get a prize.. What I don’t know.. so…

First hint: I meet 100’s of new people a day!!

You can’t play if you allready know. And I know that you know! So I will jump on in!!

For more weekend reflections visit Judi!



  1. I know but I wanna prize!!!!!!

  2. A comment with a question huh?
    Well, How is your Sunday going?
    (that’s two questions) 🙂
    Sounds like a good, calm week… those are the best kind.

  3. Good week! I hope you have a great one this week too.

  4. It was early 🙂
    Um, are you selling something?
    (how was that?)

  5. LOL!
    Okay, do you sell something?
    (is that better?)

  6. Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you had a good week. HUGS
    I already know so I can’t play. 😦

  7. Hi. I am just a lurker who found your blog through the yahoo preemie mom’s group.

    I usually don’t comment on blogs, but I can’t resist a guess… opening a stroller exercise class? Random, I know, but I thought about opening such a franchise before I decided to go back to work part time.

    Whatever the endeavor may be… good luck!

  8. I need you to email me when you get a moment about my contest~ Thanks!

    Specialkfamily (at) yahoo

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