Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 25, 2007

ok… the contest on pay it forward!

For those that didn’t see my pay it forward blog then you better scroll down and get clicking on those that left messages so you can play. I am choosing all four of the people who left  comments on the condition that they repost the pay it forward. If you don’t repost then that is fine I will still send you a prize… so Jenny, Denise and Lauriann and Tammy….. be looking for some mail.

Also.. I forgot to add my *hint* for today( and answer the questions I had asked)

First Question: Am I selling anything? *technically I am selling something*

Second Question: Is it a stroller excercise thing? * Nope. but that is a good idea. *

Hint for the day: I am on my feet the whole time * boy do they need a good massage*



  1. Pay it forward is all set up on my blog! 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s fair that people that don’t know what it is and they guess it get a prize! I WANT A PRIZE!!! Not my fault that I am your sister and you told me! 😦 Oh well, I will get my prize! Come around November, I will get a great prize! 🙂

  3. now I see the questions!! lol!!

    I’ll go post about the Pay It forward now…so sorry that I’m like a gazillion hours behind! lol!!

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