Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 26, 2007

Monsoon….. eww!!

Or is it monEWW?! The heat here is bad enough but add a yucky sand storm with HIGH humidity and only the best of central air can curb the thickness in the air. You can see the wall of storm coming from the distance. And when it hits its like a hurricane. The Sky reminds me a lot of the tornado times in Indiana.

The humidity right now is really kinda gross and reminds me totally of the midwest. So if you ever plan to visit Arizona.. .Don’t come during monsoon unless you like seeing the rain and amazing sand storms with brilliant light shows of lightning. It doesn’t really help the temperature much. It is still a whopping hundred degrees with some 50 plus percent humidity. When we hit “cool season” that might be the time to take a trip……

Here is to sticky undies and yucky hair and a need for armpit maxi pads!!



  1. ewwww yuck! I’m in Missouri…we have the humidty you mentioned and I LOATHE it! lol

  2. It’s been horrible here.


    I’m so tired of this heat. I wilt, I have no energy, and I just want to sleep, then at night I fidget.

    Must be global warming.

    (OH PLEASE, know I am being sarcastic)

  3. Except for the heat it sounds beautiful and full of Gods power.

  4. LOL this is funny. I know that you are not joking but it was quite comical picturing what you described. 🙂 I hope that monsoon season is over quickly for you guys! 🙂 HUGS

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