Posted by: Nancy Brown | July 31, 2007

By popular demand…. OUR SATURDAY!!

This won’t be nearly as exciting if you check Dallas blog but I will give the wife/mom version of it.

So I worked on Friday ( and since no one was playing you will have to just deal with not knowing where… unless you asked and then I told you!!) I got up with Tyler in the morning and Dallas got up around 8 and I went back to bed. I woke up to my two best buds and most handsomest ( is that a word) men in the whole world standing at the foot of the bed. Dallas asked if I was ok with him going and getting a hair cut. I said ok can we go to. I needed an eye brow wax and a hair trim and FRANKLY so did Ty. ( a few weekends ago Dallas “trimmed”  his hair. I asked him to but Ty doesn’t hold still so it looked… different.) So I got dressed ( not pretty might I add… I looked nasty) We packed up ourselves and went to the local super cuts. Yes we go to super cuts… we don’t need a really NICE hair person. So to super cuts we went.

I got my hair trimmed. 2 inches off and my eyebrows waxed. Next was Dallas. Tyler watched his baby Einstein on the iphone. Then came the fun stuff. It was Tylers turn. I really wanted his hair fixed so he looked handsome again. Not like a rag a muffin… so the lady got out his clippers. This is what came about!!!!!


( I look nasty but soon I will be skinny… or at least kinda skinny!!)

So as the lady was finishing the first layer shew as going to do a bowl cut and she was getting ready to dive back in and he turned around to me and started crying so hard he was gagging. He hates… I mean HATES his head touched and this was just to much. So we had her stop. We paid for our hair cuts and he got a sucker… This is the end result…..

So here is our naked Bubba on our way to …. THE CELL PHONE STORE.. Thats right. I have a new cell phone.( I washed the other one in the washer!!)  It is a At&T but at least I get reception at the house. I will send out numbers to those who need/want it when I figure out how the stupid text message works.

We went home and did our Saturday stuff and then came the best part. Dallas and I had a sitter lined up and we went out for our date.

Our date was so much fun. Dallas picked the place. For those that don’t know Dallas very well.. here is a glimpse into my dinner menu… Nothing green, chicken, steak, rice and shrimp.. a few other things but that is the gist. Here is the shocking part. Dallas had fallen in LOVE with Shushi. Not just the cooked stuff but the raw stuff.

Our date started with a trip to Pheonix/ Ahuwatakee area. We decided to eat dinner at a sushi bar called RA. You read right. RA!! Dallas is a pro at ordering sushi so he talked me into “trying” it. We got me a sushi roll of crab, and some other stuff. I liked it but it wasn’t my “favorite”. Dallas had a california roll and I tried it and liked it. I don’t like the seaweed paper. Dallas had a combo plate and it included RAW FISH. My husband who hates vegtables and cottage cheese with corn eats raw fish.

So .. here is Dallas and his dinner 🙂

And my attempt at eating sushi. Mine was COOKED though!!( sorry I don’t know how to turn it.. so move your head!!)

We went to a movie. It was the new Adam Sandler movie. We laughed a lot. It was like having Dallas back to how we were when we were first dating. He was such fun and we had a wonderful time.  Then it was back to our cute little dude.  We love him so much.

SO there you go.. to our fans.. that is what our Saturday was. a place called RA and raw fish and a movie so funny you need to make sure you go potty!! 



  1. Well, Tyler is still a cutie not matter what! lol!!

    I think your date night sounds wonderful…I can’t believe Dallas eats raw fish..ewwwwww!!!!

    …and I want to know where you work…did I miss the clues??….is it Curves?? and btw, I don’t think you look nasty at all! lol!!

  2. You have one brave Hubby. I love California Rolls, They are my fav. Way to try new things!

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