Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 7, 2007

Six miners trapped

For those who haven’t watched the news there are six miners trapped in a small town called Huntington. While this is making headlines around the US it hits a cord close to home. I grew up there in Emery County. Although I only know ( and know I mean BARELY) one, he is a young boy. He is Nicky’s age. Please pray for this small community and the ones that are searching.

I remember one year at Thanksgiving time when we woke up to a fire in the Mine my Uncle Vernon worked in. How scared we were for him and for his family. I can’t imagine those who know for sure they  have loved ones in there and are waiting to hear news. I am sure my Aunt could tell you a million stories how hard it was to send him off. So again.. PLEASE pray for those looking and those trapped.



  1. I have been glued to the tv and internet hoping that something new will come out! Alissa called me last night and we just couldn’t believe this. Yes, there is a kid in there that is my age. I went to school with him. We went to school together from kindergarten to high school. Our group of Orangeville kids were always close, even though our ways seperated, we still were close. Everytime we would see each other when we would be home, we would make time to have a short conversation to see how life was going. This is really hitting home.

    Please pray for those looking and those trapped!!!!

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