Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 13, 2007

Weekend Reflection

I am to lazy to go get the picture code so I will have to do without. It is actually monday morning so I hope no one minds….

This week has been Hecka busy for us but we don’t really do anything.

Monday we have PT at home. Ty doesn’t ever act happy when she is here so she thinks that he is tired. He just knows how to get out of doing stuff!! The whole was cleaned this weekend and so we just did laundry and picked up. 

Tuesday was a crazy day and I had a migraine and was super tired. I stayed home from work and just hung out with the cute boys at my house. It was nice. It was a good thing to hang since the rest of the week would be CRAZY!!

Wed. we had grand opening at my work and it was super crazy and hasn’t stopped. It was nice to see the fruits of our labor and I am glad the manual labor is done BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t put in a few miles on my feet. Now if only those few miles would turn into inches from my waist!! So if anyone wants to send me a bday present I want a pedometer. I want to see how many steps these sore feet walk everyday!!

Thursday I worked and had Early intervention from the foundation come and she brought Ty a toy that he LOVES. I am looking for a John Deere one for him. He LOVES it and he plays with it for hours. We did the last of our laundry and the house was still VERY clean.

Friday I had the day off and Dallas stayed home with us and we did our errands and had lunch ( which I got lost finding) and had a really good day with Ty. He is so cute.

Saturday was just a day. We cleaned and hung out and I worked. I did a late night shift so I stayed up as long as I could when I got home so Dallas could sleep.  When I couldn’t stay awake any longer I woke him up. He has been so amazing with me working. I have LOVED it and have really needed to have that outside interaction. The money is nice and so is the discount so no complaints. I do get to take a nap with Ty during the day and that helps alot. I has thrown off my sleep schedule when I don’t work though. I do get to work shorter hours this week since I out in a 12 hour day yesterday.

 Ty is as cute as ever and loves to talk on the phone to my mom and dad and Nicky. He blows them kisses and says I love you. When Grandma Brown calls he tells her to. He has decided that Barney is great. ( I hate Barney. In fact iI think all the current kid shows are horrific… but that is cause I see no educational value in Bob the builder or Dora or whatever.. so we usually stick to baby einstein.. ) I decided one day to see if  could find something else cause I was sick of baby einstein. Well Barney sings alot and Ty loves songs so we have a lot of singing time and he can do the actions to Mr. Sun and he dances to all of them.

He is just like cousin Lily and has been on a not eating streak. Today he finally had enough that I felt like he wasn’t going to die! Dallas has been amazing and he made Lunch AND dinner. We had stuffed mushrooms ( a Brown favorite) and shrimp and fettucine and YUMMY favorite of mine. He made cornbread and has loved on Bubba. I am so lucky.

So that is us. We are all loving it here and LOVE the changes that have become apparent in our lives. And to my sisters… I am so glad that we get along so well and that we can talk about anything. Nicky had the honor of baby sitting my crippled Parents.. who we love but they need to slow down!!!!  Tammy calls all the time and just chit chats and we laugh at so much. It seems no matter what we all understand even if we have our own issues. There is so much compassion for each other and the struggles we all face. Its been super nice to have them on speed dial.. EXCEPT during me and Tylers nap!!

So that is us. For more weekend reflectons go visit Judi!!!



  1. STOP COMPLAINING! 🙂 you know you love it when I call! LOL, I know I love it when call! HAHA! I’m glad to hear you had your grand opening! lucky for you! Now send that discount up to me! Give Ty lots of loves from Aunt Nicky! You know I’ll call later, talk to ya then!

  2. Girl, with how much you clean you must have the cleanest house in the neighborhood. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see you all. I just know I’m going to be shocked at how big Ty is getting. But whats up with these kids? Don’t they know that food is GOOD????

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