Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 14, 2007

PSA???? Not on your life


So I got an email in my inbox the other day. As I read it I laughed and deleted and shared with Dallas.. It went something like this.

Dear parent of a preemie.

We are holding a contest for a PSA for March of Dimes. We want your stuff and we will use your pictures and stuff to help raise money to save babies from prematurity ( because it is a disease DUH!!) So send us your stuff. ( paraphrasing my bitterness)

Winners will get 5k and we get to use your pictures and what ever.


Ok. So for those that have read my blog in any way know that I am a bitter mom against the march of dimes. But don’t worry. They developed surfactant.. the ONLY thing that can be contributed in over 15 years to them. So why would they want to use my babies pictures. To sucker people into donating.

When you read their phamplets and see their advertisments for their walk it says to help families of premature infants and research. When I had a preemie I called because I was all alone and they said they don’t do anything to help. They just do research. How decieving.  When Ty was featured in the deseret news they wanted to use his pictures. NO WAY. I didn’t want money or monetary things. I wanted a support group. They are getting one going but in Utah ( where we USE to live) They had to PAY the administrator to get a NICU support going. Why does my money need to go to pay an administrator when I would have volunteered to do it. When I did volunteer it didn’t seem to matter.

So…. March of Dimes, Not on your life will I ever EVER tell someone to donate to you. Donate to a wonderful cause like COTA or Ronald Mcdonald house. Those are people who are helping others.




  1. I could not agree with you more, about the March of Dimes.

    And about the Ronald McDonald House too- I donate every chance I get.

    Bitter away- It’s good to let folks know.

  2. I’m with ya on this one Nancy!!

  3. You have every right to be bitter with MOD if that’s how they treated you. That is very much the role they played in my first preemie’s stay in the NICU however with Dakota they actually were involved. They helped tremendously in numerous ways to make the NICU stay as comfortable as possible. From my understanding this is not the norm though.

  4. I had NO idea. I feel duped. I raised well over $2000 2 years ago when I walked in honor of our son. He was born early and I felt compelled to walk. Now, I’m going to rethink my position on this. I had NO idea. Thank you for opening my eyes. I will DO some further research on this. Thanks.

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