Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 16, 2007

Thursday 13….. My first one!!

Thirteen Things about Nancy Brown

1. I currently live in Arizona.
2. I work part time and LOVE it.
3. I am married to a wonderful man named Dallas
4. I have a baby who is almost 2. He is the joy of our lives.
5. I talk to my sisters ( at least one of them) everyday. ( This also includes one of my husbands sisters. I would consider them my sisters to!!)
6. I have my old pediatrician on speed dial on a cell phone. She is my life line and has known Tyler since he was 2 pounds!!
7. I do not consider a preemie any baby over 34 weeks.
8. I lost touch of my best friend in High School but I talk to her everyday day now. I miss her and can’t wait to get together when we go to Vegas. ( along with adding a Newer friend Andrea to the mix.)
9. I became friends with a girl in Logan and our kids have the same birthdays.
10. Ty has 2 birthdays one in September and one in December. Aunt Crystal does to… one in December and one in April.
11. I would love to learn photography.
12. I would love to finish my degree and work with kids in the early intervention program.
13. I have 2 anniversary dates. One on June 14th and one on June 10th but I have oly been married to one person.

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