Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 18, 2007

A meme for your enjoyment.

Jobs I have held:

First Job I ever had was with my dad at Sunshine Enterprises. We cleaned carpets, stripped and waxed floors and mowed a few lawns. We moved into detailing cars and doing oil changes.

Food Ranch



a phone survey place called Western Watts in Provo

Directv ( I ended up doing this the rest of my college career and then some.. so like 6 years total.)

Home health and LDS hospital

And now my current Job which is STILL a secret to A LOT of people… COME ON GUESS!!! I dare you!!

Oh and my most important Job yet… A MOM and WIFE!!

Movies I can watch over and over:


Remeber the Titans

Brokedown palace

Shows I enjoy:


special delivery on Discovery

Big brother


Greys and ER

Places I have been for vacation:

Growing up we didn’t have a real BIG vacation but 2 times. We always went camping and stuff but our big vacations were Yellowstone and California. Me and Dallas have gone to Wendover and Vegas.

Body parts I have injured:

I have broken my finger ( thank you Lizzette) and a broken tailbone. I have had surgery on my ovaries 2 times and then my c section made my whole body injured. I did cut my muscle under my leg. It has a huge whole in my leg muscle but never cut the skin. Kinda gross.  Oh and I have had stiches in my tongue and my forehead.


Nana Goat


Honey and momma

Favorite food:

Shrimp Scampi

fettucine and buttered shrimp that Dally makes YUMMY!!


Braza grill….Wish we had one here in Arizona 😦

Top Websites I visit:

I think this changes.. I have a HUGE list of blogs. So I can name them but might get boring.



Desert schools

Currently I check KSL all the time

and my Sisters blog ( Nicky, Tammy and Crystal and Jenny)

Places I have lived:

Orangeville Utah


Salt Lake


Columbus Indiana

Muncie Indiana ( 2 times)

South Bend Indiana

Goshen Indiana

We stayed in Scottsdale for 2 weeks while we got moved and now we live in Mesa Arizona

TAG your it:

Nicky POO the girl




Jenny Jingles Brown

Jen K.



  1. Very Nice… it’s always fun to learn more about everyone. I’ve just posted my meme. Thanks for the tag.

  2. Done and done!

  3. Come on, just tell me… you know I’m a terrible guesser! I’ve proved that 🙂

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