Posted by: Nancy Brown | August 21, 2007

Tyler had his first “sleep over” and didn’t even know it!!

Thats right. Ty had his first sleep over and didn’t even know he was gone. Sound weird… your telling me. Poor kid. But that is how it works when you live with no grannies around!!!!

Here is how our last two nights have been.

Saturday night I went to work at 7 Pm. Called and checked on Dallas and Bubba a little after 11. Life was good at the Browns’. I got off work after 3 am on Sunday morning and got home a little after 3:30 am and Dallas missed me so he decided to stay awake and wait up for me.  We chatted for a bit and he told me that Ty had been super restless and sure enough Ty was awake for the WHOLE DAY at 5. I decided it was easier for me to stay awake and let Dallas sleep than the other way around. When D got up I went in to sleep and we ate lunch and about 10 minutes later D said he wasn’t feeling well and he went to lie down.

We went to the store to do some last minute Grocery shopping and I got sick to my stomach. I chalked it up to not sleeping enough and went home and cooled our house off and sent D to lay down. He was doubled up in pain and it was easier to let him sleep. Poor guy.

I got Tyler in the bath and in bed and Dallas continued to be sick. He was doubled over in pain for parts of it. He went into bed for the night at about 9 and I followed at about 10. Since neither of us had slept much the day before I thought we would be out fast. At midnight Dallas got out of bed and went to the couch. He said it was to cold in the room ( which it was NOT) and he was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch ( so not a Dallas trait) I then heard a clatter in the kitchen and it sounded like all my dishes were dropped I come out and see Dallas on the floor shaking. He is pale as could be and I decide that he is not just sick but REALLY sick.

I called the Bishop to see if someone  could come stay with Ty and he asked that we bring him to his house. It was on the way. I pack three diapers a binkie and a bottle and get Dallas dressed and send D out to the car and I carry out a sleeping Tyler. He woke up when I put him in his chair. We drive the short distance to the Bishops house and he is outside in his robe waiting for Ty. His daughter was there waiting to help as well. Ty didn’t cry as we left him there and we headed into Gilbert.

At the ER he got in FAST ( probably cause he looked like he was gonna die) and they got him on an immediate bolus of saline and a nice dose of morphine. They took blood and we waited. Reed ( The elders quruom president aned friend of D’s) came to the hosptial and gave him a blessing and D quickly settled down. When the morphine wore off he was ready for a litte more and to find out why he was so sick.

The doc came in and said he found the culprit. While he was looking good all around Dallas had the flu. The real flu.. not just the 24 hour flu and he would feel much better once we got his intestines to stop having spasms. They gave him this nasty smelling concoction that smelled like foot scrub and hooked him up with magnesium and potassium and the rest of his saline and my sleepy hubby and I left around 4:30. We don’t live close to any 24 hour pharmacy so I decided just to get us home. On the way I called the Bishop and he said he would call when they got up for the day.

We got home and in bed around 5 and the Bishop was up at 6. So much for sleep for night number 2!! I went to get Bubba and he was sound asleep on the make shift bed the Bishop and his lovely wife had made for him. I picked him up and he smiled and said momma and he gave me a hug and we left to come home and watch a movie and get Dads meds.

Dallas got a lovely care package from Tyler. A card, a gallon of water and 2 gatorades. He was banned from Soda till he drank water and gatorade but we just needed to keep him with fluids. And he was allowed to sleep till he woke up. He woke up while we were out shopping for his present and bringing home the meds he needs to take. I was able to take a nap with Ty and when he woke up I stayed in bed and the sick daddy took care of him.

While taking care of Daddy, Bubba was taped dancing and conducting the music to Barney. So stay tuned for the funny video. Mom and dad are tired and ready for 8 hours of sleep in our own beds. Bubba is sound asleep and we are all feeling MUCH better tonight.

Those are the days you sure miss granny and aunties to take the bubba while someone takes a well needed nap BUT we did survive and we did the best we could and Ty … well he had no idea. He was one happy camper most of the day. Are we lucky or what!!



  1. This is why I love blogging. So I can still keep in touch with my family and see how your doing even though Life is crazy. I am SO sad that Dallas got that sick. I know how he hates hospitals. I hope you and Ty don’t get it. I’ll send prayers your way.
    Much Love,

  2. oh my – what an ordeal!!!! I hope none of the rest of you get the illness! So great that your little one was in good hands.

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