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Weekend Reflection

I am to lazy to go get the picture code so I will have to do without. It is actually monday morning so I hope no one minds….

This week has been Hecka busy for us but we don’t really do anything.

Monday we have PT at home. Ty doesn’t ever act happy when she is here so she thinks that he is tired. He just knows how to get out of doing stuff!! The whole was cleaned this weekend and so we just did laundry and picked up. 

Tuesday was a crazy day and I had a migraine and was super tired. I stayed home from work and just hung out with the cute boys at my house. It was nice. It was a good thing to hang since the rest of the week would be CRAZY!!

Wed. we had grand opening at my work and it was super crazy and hasn’t stopped. It was nice to see the fruits of our labor and I am glad the manual labor is done BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t put in a few miles on my feet. Now if only those few miles would turn into inches from my waist!! So if anyone wants to send me a bday present I want a pedometer. I want to see how many steps these sore feet walk everyday!!

Thursday I worked and had Early intervention from the foundation come and she brought Ty a toy that he LOVES. I am looking for a John Deere one for him. He LOVES it and he plays with it for hours. We did the last of our laundry and the house was still VERY clean.

Friday I had the day off and Dallas stayed home with us and we did our errands and had lunch ( which I got lost finding) and had a really good day with Ty. He is so cute.

Saturday was just a day. We cleaned and hung out and I worked. I did a late night shift so I stayed up as long as I could when I got home so Dallas could sleep.  When I couldn’t stay awake any longer I woke him up. He has been so amazing with me working. I have LOVED it and have really needed to have that outside interaction. The money is nice and so is the discount so no complaints. I do get to take a nap with Ty during the day and that helps alot. I has thrown off my sleep schedule when I don’t work though. I do get to work shorter hours this week since I out in a 12 hour day yesterday.

 Ty is as cute as ever and loves to talk on the phone to my mom and dad and Nicky. He blows them kisses and says I love you. When Grandma Brown calls he tells her to. He has decided that Barney is great. ( I hate Barney. In fact iI think all the current kid shows are horrific… but that is cause I see no educational value in Bob the builder or Dora or whatever.. so we usually stick to baby einstein.. ) I decided one day to see if  could find something else cause I was sick of baby einstein. Well Barney sings alot and Ty loves songs so we have a lot of singing time and he can do the actions to Mr. Sun and he dances to all of them.

He is just like cousin Lily and has been on a not eating streak. Today he finally had enough that I felt like he wasn’t going to die! Dallas has been amazing and he made Lunch AND dinner. We had stuffed mushrooms ( a Brown favorite) and shrimp and fettucine and YUMMY favorite of mine. He made cornbread and has loved on Bubba. I am so lucky.

So that is us. We are all loving it here and LOVE the changes that have become apparent in our lives. And to my sisters… I am so glad that we get along so well and that we can talk about anything. Nicky had the honor of baby sitting my crippled Parents.. who we love but they need to slow down!!!!  Tammy calls all the time and just chit chats and we laugh at so much. It seems no matter what we all understand even if we have our own issues. There is so much compassion for each other and the struggles we all face. Its been super nice to have them on speed dial.. EXCEPT during me and Tylers nap!!

So that is us. For more weekend reflectons go visit Judi!!!

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It’s official… and other randomness

It is official Dallas and I are officially residents of the great state of Arizona. Dallas has been half official for awhile. He had gone and gotten his drivers license a little over a month ago and I, the slacker that I am, didn’t go till today. While we were out at the DMV we changed our licenses plates in for a Arizona one. ( well 2 since we have 2 cars) They give them to you right there so there is no waiting in the mail for your new one to come.  Which is good because lets just say we are glad that no one noticed that we have been expired since May!! We didn’t even notice till last month. The cost to register here is so much more than Utah. But it is done… Yay!!

For some randomness…

Arizona drivers licenses don’t expire FOREVER!! My new license expires in  2045.  That means I will be 65 years old. I hope they don’t notice that my picture is when I was 26!! Weird weird. Oh and you can scan your License when you purchase alcohol and cigarettes ( Since I buy BOTH HEHE) and it will automatically tell the cashier your birthdate. I wonder what else they know about us?

I have been very interested in the trapped miners. On the KSL website there is a comment board after their stories. It never ceases to amaze me the kind of people I grew up with. They can be very judgemental but they don’t think anyone is entitled to their own opinion of any kind unless it is the same as their own. Plus their spelling is horrific. But we do hope they find them and the outcome is good.  If the outcome is bad please pray for comfort for the families.

President James E. Faust, second counselor of the first presidency for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints has passed away. He was 88 years old. He was so easy to listen to and had such a strong faith in what he was doing. He was a lawyer by trade and he spoke as one. He was a very gentle man. He last spoke on Forgivness.  He told a story of the Amish shootings in Pennsylvania.  The story went like this…

In the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania, a devout group of Christian people live a simple life without automobiles, electricity, or modern machinery. They work hard and live quiet, peaceful lives separate from the world. Most of their food comes from their own farms. The women sew and knit and weave their clothing, which is modest and plain. They are known as the Amish people.

A 32-year-old milk truck driver lived with his family in their Nickel Mines community. He was not Amish, but his pickup route took him to many Amish dairy farms, where he became known as the quiet milkman. Last October he suddenly lost all reason and control. In his tormented mind he blamed God for the death of his first child and some unsubstantiated memories. He stormed into the Amish school without any provocation, released the boys and adults, and tied up the 10 girls. He shot the girls, killing five and wounding five. Then he took his own life.

This shocking violence caused great anguish among the Amish but no anger. There was hurt but no hate. Their forgiveness was immediate. Collectively they began to reach out to the milkman’s suffering family. As the milkman’s family gathered in his home the day after the shootings, an Amish neighbor came over, wrapped his arms around the father of the dead gunman, and said, “We will forgive you.”1 Amish leaders visited the milkman’s wife and children to extend their sympathy, their forgiveness, their help, and their love. About half of the mourners at the milkman’s funeral were Amish. In turn, the Amish invited the milkman’s family to attend the funeral services of the girls who had been killed. A remarkable peace settled on the Amish as their faith sustained them during this crisis.

One local resident very eloquently summed up the aftermath of this tragedy when he said, “We were all speaking the same language, and not just English, but a language of caring, a language of community, [and] a language of service. And, yes, a language of forgiveness.”2 It was an amazing outpouring of their complete faith in the Lord’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount: “Do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”3

 For the full text of this talk please click here!!

 He was a great man with a great testimony of Jesus Christ. He said “There has come with my apostolic calling a sure witness of the life and ministry of the Savior. I declare with Job, “I know that my redeemer liveth.” 17 My witness of this “is in heaven.” 18 Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of all mankind. Joseph Smith was the inspired Prophet who restored the saving keys, authority, and organization delegated to him under the direction of God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Of this I testify in the holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.” What a joyous day in heaven for him.

 He will be missed and his distinct voice will forever remain in our minds.

Now for other more interesting stuff.

Ty is doing well. He is a typical 18 monther at times. He likes toilet paper and opening and closing lids on my toilets. He loves anything  that has songs and he is such a helper with the laundry. He makes us all laugh. He is sleeping better and we are starting to ween him off the chloral hydrate and he seems to be doing well with that.

Since I went back to work Dallas has gotten to put Ty to bed. I get kinda jealous because I miss the cutest stuff.  Dallas has gotten Ty into the cutest routine. When I leave for work Ty gets his bath and then Dallas and Tyler sit together or watch Barney ( yes I know.. I HATE Barney but he loves the songs and face it.. Barney sings alot) Ty stands at the TV and just dances. It is so cute. He sits on the floor when he sings the itsy bitsy spider and does all the movements alone. Then him and Dallas with “talk” and sing.  Dallas puts him in bed and there he is for the night. They are so stinking cute. I married the best dad in the whole world.

I am loving work for the most part. I hate to baby sit people who shouldn’t need baby sitting. But otherwise I come home feeling like I have acomplished something and that I have made a difference in my family and my life. It sure helps out the self esteem!! Not to mention the extra money is nice.

I have missed the nights with D but when we get a whole night I feel so blessed and loved. He makes me so happy.

That is us for now. Well wishes and prayers to Noah… Go visit and leave a note or holler a prayer up for him. We hope to come back and visit you all soon. Tyler misses his grandpa’s ( and Grandma’s) and he will talk to you if you call!! He loves to blow kisses on the phone!

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Wordless Wednesday!!!

Did I mention we were geeks!!!

Click here and here for more participants!!

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Six miners trapped

For those who haven’t watched the news there are six miners trapped in a small town called Huntington. While this is making headlines around the US it hits a cord close to home. I grew up there in Emery County. Although I only know ( and know I mean BARELY) one, he is a young boy. He is Nicky’s age. Please pray for this small community and the ones that are searching.

I remember one year at Thanksgiving time when we woke up to a fire in the Mine my Uncle Vernon worked in. How scared we were for him and for his family. I can’t imagine those who know for sure they  have loved ones in there and are waiting to hear news. I am sure my Aunt could tell you a million stories how hard it was to send him off. So again.. PLEASE pray for those looking and those trapped.

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The tag from Jen

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4 and write what it says.
I actually don’t have a book on the couch. I have put everything away. I do have a birth defect package read to send off if that counts.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you touch?

Package that will be going to Utah for a birth defects study.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Big Brother 8. We are super addicted and it was on DVR

4. Without looking, guess what time it is. Just after ten

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 10:09

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? The news

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing? at 7. We were running to Basha’s for some seafood salad that I was craving.  UMMY

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at? Old

9. Did you dream last night?Yes I think so.

10. When did you last laugh? This afternoon. Ty is funny

11. What is on the walls of the room you are in?  Ty Ty. He is everywhere.

12. Seen anything weird lately?   Milk being sold that was expired in june

13. What do you think of this quiz?  a little long for my taste and totally random.

14. What is the last film you saw? I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry

15. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? A new house. Pay off our debt. Save the rest.

16. Tell me something about you that I don’t know? I don’t know. There are a lot of secrets in m world. 

17. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you do? Teach compassion and have Ty not have to go through what he did. 

18. Comment to President Bush: I think I would just send him the missionaries. 

19. Would you ever consider living abroad?  Not now that I have a family. Az is as abroad as I will get 

20. What do you want God to say to you when you get to heaven? I hope he doesn’t have anything bad to say. So other than that.. I don’t care.

If you read all of those and feel inclined to answer feel free to consider yourself tagged!! just let me know and I will come and look.

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The past little bit I have been really frustrated. With myself mostly but also with the situation that is around me all the time. There is no escape it feels like.

Let me start first with a positive note. I LOVE Tyler and the looks and things he says and does. He makes my world and he is my world. He is such a miracle and I am so thankful that I was entrusted to have him as my own. There really is something special about him and I could never deny that.

With that said. I still get frustrated. Not at Ty in particular but at the situation at hand.

First frustration… In the midst of our NICU journey it was repeated several times that preemies generally catch up around 2. With that thought always in the back of my mind we are quickly approaching his second birthday and “catch up” is not a term that I see being fulfilled. I he doing things. Yes, and he is learning new things everyday and he is very smart. Is he still “developmentally delayed” uh.. YA! Is he going to “catch up” by age 2. No. I am pretty sure that in order to not be in denial of the things at hand.. he will not be caught up by 2. I am pretty sure that term is for older preemies who have no brain bleeds and other major issues from their prematurity.

Second frustration..The amount of specialists and therapists we see there are a few things that are repeatedly coming up. When I bring it home and talk about it with”  family and friends I get the exact same answer from multiple people. ” Well I think they are wrong” or ” We knew him being born that early would cause problems” Yes. I knew that there were things that could be wrong with him, but as was mentioned earlier there was always that “hope” that he would catch up and be fine. He had defined the odds so far, why not one more thing.

Three… It goes along with the above mentioned #2,  While you all might say those things * I * am the one that is hearing them and having to tell others. I take it home. I have to be the one to implement any new changes that come with the docs and people telling us something new. Yes, you deal with it to a degree because you are here and around and you love us but ultimately it falls on my shoulders to make sure that all the regimen is followed.

Four. I want to feel normal. I told my mom that sometimes when I leave at night I pretend that I live a normal life at home. I told that to Dallas and he said we are normal. Well, while we are “normal” what we do everyday is not normal. Letting strangers come into our home to help us teach our child to do normal things is not NORMAL. A normal life doesn’t consist of knowing per kilo what your kid can take. Where all the hosptials are that take kids. And my most pressing.. why he won’t sleep. That isn’t “normal”

Five.. Why do insurance companies make it so difficult to get the things our kids need. It was posted on my friend Lisa’s blog that parents with kids with special health care needs are always poor. I never understood that until recently.  While we don’t have a deductible here in Arizona we do co pays and presription stuff we can’t get our insurance company to pay for AFO’s. They told me that they were “cosmetic.” How is that cosmetic? They are braces for their legs. It isn’t cosmetic. I told the girl that we needed them to walk and she said we would rather buy a wheel chair. HELLO… Have you ever met my child. He isn’t going to sit down in a wheelchair. He also doesn’t NEED a wheelchair. So in order to get them a parent has to 1) divorce their spouse to say they don’t have an income. 2) Make not enough money to live on in order to get Access (AZ version of medicaid) 3) be lucky enough to get long term care the first time you apply 4) Pay out of pocket. No wonder special needs people are POOR!!

* Just so you know. We did find a place to get his braces. Shriners hospital that we were connected with in Utah has a Pheonix clinic every other month and we will be going there to get our AFO’s. Shriners is FREE!! Thank you SHRINERS!!*

Six. I am sick and tired of people of “normal” kids getting angry at me for feeling all the things listed above. But remember number three. You don’t have strangers coming in your house. And I am sick of the “normal” people telling me that they understand when they have never once asked me how it is for me and then asked questions.

SEVEN!! ( told you I was frustrated) Why is it that if your friends have kids with problems.. IE Autism or something. You have amazing support and comfort and think of them so highly but when someone in your family circle has other things wrong you think they are whiny people who should get over it? Why not ask us what it is like. Why not think of us highly and think they go through a lot and show COMPASSION!! * check out the post like three down for more info and reasons why compassion is GOOD!*

I get frustrated with therapist telling me that I am still grieving for the child I *thought* I would have. Grieveing for the *normal* child. No, actually I am crying in your office because I am so sick of feeling alone in a world that doesn’t want to ask me questions or ask me what can I do or just be there when I need something.

I get frustrated with people who are suppose to be in a support group but are constantly back stabbing.  Why go behind someones back to someone else and tell them all the horrible things that you dislike about them when you have NEVER come to that person.

I am frustrated at my self for having less patients for Tyler. He seems so fussy recently and I am at a loss as to why and what to do to help him. He is getting teeth but the constant fussy is enough to make me go nuts.

I am frustrated for feeling bad that I go to work at night and am happy to be in the “normal” world and feel “normal”

I feel bad that Ty is so clingy to me that I feel smoothered sometimes. 

I think that is about it. I guess I am just a frustrated person right now. It is hard sometimes to be positive when it feels just really low. If ONE thing could come easy for Ty ( other than being extremely handsome and cute) then I would be happy. Just one thing.

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Wordless Wednesday!!!

He is all grown up now. But that sweet baby smell YUM!!

For more partcipants go here and HERE!!


To find out more about Noah please visit them and let them know you are praying for him!!!

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By popular demand…. OUR SATURDAY!!

This won’t be nearly as exciting if you check Dallas blog but I will give the wife/mom version of it.

So I worked on Friday ( and since no one was playing you will have to just deal with not knowing where… unless you asked and then I told you!!) I got up with Tyler in the morning and Dallas got up around 8 and I went back to bed. I woke up to my two best buds and most handsomest ( is that a word) men in the whole world standing at the foot of the bed. Dallas asked if I was ok with him going and getting a hair cut. I said ok can we go to. I needed an eye brow wax and a hair trim and FRANKLY so did Ty. ( a few weekends ago Dallas “trimmed”  his hair. I asked him to but Ty doesn’t hold still so it looked… different.) So I got dressed ( not pretty might I add… I looked nasty) We packed up ourselves and went to the local super cuts. Yes we go to super cuts… we don’t need a really NICE hair person. So to super cuts we went.

I got my hair trimmed. 2 inches off and my eyebrows waxed. Next was Dallas. Tyler watched his baby Einstein on the iphone. Then came the fun stuff. It was Tylers turn. I really wanted his hair fixed so he looked handsome again. Not like a rag a muffin… so the lady got out his clippers. This is what came about!!!!!


( I look nasty but soon I will be skinny… or at least kinda skinny!!)

So as the lady was finishing the first layer shew as going to do a bowl cut and she was getting ready to dive back in and he turned around to me and started crying so hard he was gagging. He hates… I mean HATES his head touched and this was just to much. So we had her stop. We paid for our hair cuts and he got a sucker… This is the end result…..

So here is our naked Bubba on our way to …. THE CELL PHONE STORE.. Thats right. I have a new cell phone.( I washed the other one in the washer!!)  It is a At&T but at least I get reception at the house. I will send out numbers to those who need/want it when I figure out how the stupid text message works.

We went home and did our Saturday stuff and then came the best part. Dallas and I had a sitter lined up and we went out for our date.

Our date was so much fun. Dallas picked the place. For those that don’t know Dallas very well.. here is a glimpse into my dinner menu… Nothing green, chicken, steak, rice and shrimp.. a few other things but that is the gist. Here is the shocking part. Dallas had fallen in LOVE with Shushi. Not just the cooked stuff but the raw stuff.

Our date started with a trip to Pheonix/ Ahuwatakee area. We decided to eat dinner at a sushi bar called RA. You read right. RA!! Dallas is a pro at ordering sushi so he talked me into “trying” it. We got me a sushi roll of crab, and some other stuff. I liked it but it wasn’t my “favorite”. Dallas had a california roll and I tried it and liked it. I don’t like the seaweed paper. Dallas had a combo plate and it included RAW FISH. My husband who hates vegtables and cottage cheese with corn eats raw fish.

So .. here is Dallas and his dinner 🙂

And my attempt at eating sushi. Mine was COOKED though!!( sorry I don’t know how to turn it.. so move your head!!)

We went to a movie. It was the new Adam Sandler movie. We laughed a lot. It was like having Dallas back to how we were when we were first dating. He was such fun and we had a wonderful time.  Then it was back to our cute little dude.  We love him so much.

SO there you go.. to our fans.. that is what our Saturday was. a place called RA and raw fish and a movie so funny you need to make sure you go potty!! 

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Weekend reflection


Monday was quite a day. Somehow the week before my tire got a flat. It took me several tries to get the stupid spare on and we took it up to the local Walmart. They looked at my tire and said .. NOPE can’t fix it.. there is a huge gash on the side. So we had to go to a tire shop. The first shope didn’t have one. The second had a wait of about an hour. We waited the hour… and the stinking tire cost 87 bucks… I felt totally violated. But my tire works and it is doing great. We did miss our PT appointment sitting in the waiting room at discount tires though.

Tuesday was just a day. Nothing big happened. I started my quest to get all of Ty’s services going though. Not much happened though. Lots of messages and lots of waiting lists.

Wed. Dallas worked from home so I got to sleep in and I loved it. Same old stuff.. more calls and more messages.

Thursday we finally got somwhere with the messages. We have a new service coordinator. His long term care has been started and there are several other services we are looking at.

Friday I got up early with Ty and we went to Mcdonalds for breakfast ( drive through so we could spend it with Dallas) and we played for a while. I took a nap and we hung out with Dallas. I love that he got to spend 2 days at home. Of course he was working hard ( like always..)

Saturday.. there will be a blog all on yesterday so  I won’t spoil the fun.

I would ask for a special request. Noah… He is back in ICU and possibly needing the vent again. He is such a special kid and his mom is a wonderful mom. Please keep their family in your prayers. Go visit and leave some words of encouragement.

Go visit Judi for more weekend reflection

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The cruel world!

The last few weeks have been an emotional ride. Not really from one thing or the other but just in general. I have come to face some harsh realizations that may not be “positive”

A few months ago I received a comment about how my attitude was harming Tyler. This person also said that my blog was negative and that I should stop writing them. Well lets be frank and honest with the real world. Is it always peaches and cream? Not really. We all have bad days.

So here is my disclaimer… If it was you that wrote it ( and I know who it was since I have your isp address and it wasn’t that hard to figure out) then stop reading. If you don’t like the negative aspect of what we deal with then go somewhere else. If you think it is just me that has some other ideas of preemies that aren’t portrayed in the media go visit Preemie experiement. If you want to keep reading OK!! Then DO!!

The reason I title it the cruel world was because one realization that I came to was that the world that I have to raise my son is not a nice one.  I was doing my job and was talking to a kid we will call K. He was coming into the builiding that I was in and I asked him who he was ( as I had not seen him before) He told me who he was and that it wasn’t his first time there and I should use my eyes because I have four of them. ( I was wearing my glasses and K is at least 20 years old) I was flabergasted. I was so shocked an adult would say something so first grade.  That was when the realization hit…. This is what I will be sending Tyler out into.

I wear glasses. No big deal. More often than not you will see people with glasses or people who wear glasses to read. It isn’t uncommon. So what is the big deal. Who says something about it? This K person will be reproducing children ( heaven help us) and what will he be teaching his children if he acts like that?

When people find out I have a child that is almost 2 that weighs  just over 20 pounds and can’t walk I get looks. He looks younger than he is and yet the looks we get are hard. He can’t walk. Not a big deal you say….( He CAN walk but won’t walk. He can get there faster crawling.) Well tell that to the people who are whispering ( loud enough that we can hear) and give us those looks of ” oh you poor people”  We aren’t “sad” about him not walking. We are sad about the things that get said. We can deal with our own personal sadness and disappointment. It is the not understanding that comes with others.

The misinformation about a Preemie just floor me. Stacey at preemie experiment talks about some ( and gets the same reactions that I get.. STRANGE huh) It is a hard thing. It isn’t going to go away. One thing that bothers me is that I have had someone in my “family” circle say how my sister is so strong to go through what she does and that she has to work so much with her child ( he was born with a kidney defect.. go visit and read!!) But I am just someone who complains about having a kid with “issues”. With no recognition that what I deal with there is no fix.. no cure. This “person” doesn’t see that it isn’t Me that is holding him back. Of course this person would know that if she had compassion.. even a little and would ask questions. Try to see it from our point of view instead of that we are upset or complaing. Again… another reason that the world is cruel. Since this person doesn’t see where we are coming from I am afraid of what will be said, done and taught.

Tammy ( my sister who has a child with the kidney defect) was talking to her oldest about some of Tyler’s issues. Lexi didn’t understand why Tyler can’t see well or why he isn’t walking yet or why he has a shunt in his brain. In Tammy’s kind way she tried to explain that when Ty Ty was born he was born he was so tiny that his body made his head have a problem. That he bleed in his brain. That bleeding caused a hole in his brain. That is why the rest doesn’t work the right way. In her innocent way she said ” Why can’t he have a transplant like Kayden did?” Tammy was telling me this story and at that point I finally had a way to explain it to Tammy.. Yes her child will have life long issues. We do as well and we can’t “fix” anything. there is no transplant for a brain, eyes, and not work CSF. We have things in place to compensate or the non working parts… But there is no “cure”.

Tyler will not be growing up with me saying there is something “wrong” with him because there is NOTHING “wrong” with him. I don’t think there is something wrong with him. I think he needs to understand that he is different than some people and this is why you are different but that he is the most amazing and smartest little boy. What my wish in the world is.. is that the parents TEACH their kids that same thing. The five year old that doesn’t like that boy because he is different.. they heard that from their parents. Not from anyone else. Just like “k” at the begining of this.. He is teaching that there is something wrong. Same as the person in my “family” circle. If I am afraid of telling you something because I know you will be cruel and mean.. I will stay away. I will not subject my child to that cruelity. He is the love of our lives and the mean cruel world can be just that. And for now, we are just going to be looking at it from the window.

My hope is that as we go about teaching Tyler that people are different, he has an understanding of just how special he is. He is a miracle. He has given me something that I can only dream of ever fully understanding. He has taught me so many things and have brought me and Dallas such great joy. With that I have promised ( a long time ago) that we will be patient and try and help others understand what it has been like. If you are reading this… Teach them. Teach our children that there is nothing wrong with different. In order to teach… You have to understand.. there is nothing wrong with different. Teach them compassion. If you don’t have compassion…. FIND IT!!!


* Family circle is not referring to just relatives… several things have happend…Family is a term I coined for support.. or a suport group.. or someone who SHOULD give support.*

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