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Weekend reflection / Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I can’t believe how incredibly to busy this week has been.  But the weekend is here!! So our week in review!!!

Sunday Night/ early Monday morning I found Dallas on the floor in my kitchen after he had fallen over. He was SOOOOO sick. We called our Bishop ( the local “preacher” of our church) Him and his wife took Tyler for the night while we headed to the Emergency room. Dallas was diagnosed with the “real flu” aka infulenza and spent monday sleeping and staying hydrated. I spent the day wanting to be asleep and trying to keep him hydrated. So far Tyler and I have not gotten it.

Tuesday I stayed home from work to get some sleep and was asleep by 9 PM. It was really nice.  I felt so much better and ready for the rest of the week.  I also had an ultrasound done at my docs. I love my new docs but not NEARLY as much as my doc in Utah. The finding of the ultrasound show several cysts on my ovaries so they are doing a repeat scan in 8 weeks.  Hopfully they will find good news in 8 weeks and they will be gone. They are pretty sure my endometriosis is back and when we are done having babies I hope to have it all out for good.

Wed. Ty’s eye appointment and  they told us that we are still kinda having to wait and see but to work hard at getting him to wear his glasses so his brain continues to work at allowing him to see. So that is what we will be doing. ( I wrote my blog after I got home on wed from work .. after midnight aka thursday.)

Thursday D was still not feeling super well so he stayed home from work. We went and picked up my check, did some LIGHT shopping and decided to drives to Scottsdale to go to a Brazillian resturant. We REALLY miss Braza in SLC so this was the next closest thing. It  was very good and I enjoyed it alot.  I also started to get super snoopy and was checking bank accounts for a hint of what I was getting for my presents this weekend and found that Dallas had our paypal credit card stolen and it was being used all over Scottsdale. I wouldn’t have gotten caught snooping had I not had to ask Dallas about the charges. I waited till Friday morning when he was more awake. ( I went snooping after work. Again.. it was after midnight… about 3 am!!!)

Friday my cute little Visiting teachers came over and we had a nice visit. I was a little mad at the first of my assingment with them that I didn’t get a young mom. But I have LOVED my visiting teachers. They have even helped out with Tyler!! Friday we also had an evaluation for a new OT. They seem like they will work out well for us.  We are excited to get going and start working with her. I worked that night and it turned into another 11 hour shift so I came home exhausted on Saturday. I couldn’t stay up any longer so I woke up D about 9 am and he let me sleep. We kinda switched off sleeping so we both felt rested.

But now for the fun stuff…..

It is also my birthday this week. Today to be exact. I know!! I feel a lot older than I am!!  Hence why I was snooping. ( which BTW I was STILL not able to find out what I got. But did have to say I was sorry!!) Dallas has made it an amazing birthday for me. He has made it more like a birthday 4 days. Friday started my birthday presents. I got a beautiful watch!! I love it. It is from fossil and I love it. It has a pink face, ( of course) and I really really like it. I got my nails done ( well filled… they were done a few weeks ago. ) and I got a flower design on them ( for free!!!) cause it was my birthday. They are pink and white with a diamond on them. We went out to dinner last night we went to dinner. I had a gift card from work and we went to Red Lobster. I got my Saturday present then. I got tanning passes to simply tan. I am so excited. I have wanted to go tanning since we moved. ( I really truly think I am the WHITEST person in Arizona!! I can’t wait.

Today is Sunday ( of course!!) Ty was the best little boy and slept in till 8 and I got to sleep in till then as well!! We got dressed and we went to church ( late cause it is to early for ANYONE to go) and came home and had lunch my Cute visiting teachers brought over some yummy chocolate rasberry sticks ( which I love!!) and I have no idea what I am getting today from Dallas. * I got my present as I was typing this!!! SEASON 2 of 90210!!!!!  I have season one allready and soap net just finished season 2!! YAY!!!!! I LOVE that show! *  Tommorow I am getting some new clothes ( they weren’t delivered despite paying 2 day shipping) from Old Navy.

We are having dinner tonight either Steak or Shrimp ( my favorite) I have to work tonight for a few hours and then I get to come home and enjoy the rest of the day!!

Special thanks to my sisters!! Tammy and Nicky always remember and Nicky is usually the first to remember and give us all a call.  Lexi is writing me a letter for my birthday. I love that she is old enough to do stuff like that. I just hope Tammy forgets about my last present to Lexi this year… I don’t like pay back!! My other sisters Crys and Jen who remember and got me a card ( and yes Crys I WILL be buying me a pedometer!!) And I haven’t checked the mail yet but I know my mom sent a card ( late cause it was school…I don’t mind !!) And Lori ( who went to Vegas for Ken’s bday!!) Thanks to everyone who did remember!!! It was a great Bday!!

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A few thoughts..

I have a few blog topics that I want to write about but I am going to tell this one first. It happened today so it is fresh on my mind…

We had a Eye appointment at Dr. S’s today. When we got there we got there RIGHT when our appointment was schedulded because specialists are NEVER on time. And sure enough I was right. There were about ten people in the waiting room. One was a husband wife couple ( I assumed) one was a mom and daugther, another was a mom and son ( who was visiblly visually impaired) and then a few random people. I check in an sit in the corner where Ty can play and not disturb anyone. The mom and daughter set was getting quite perturped that they were not getting in RIGHT when their appointment was. I asked the mom if this was routine or if she had “issues” ( not just like that but that was the gist. The mom said it was just routine and she was angry that it was taking so long. They had been waiting like ten minutes. I responded jokingly that docs are alway slow and that after a while of coming there you just kinda get use to it… then commented she had a cute baby BLAH BLAH… Mom continued to rant that they were coming on her nap time and she HAD to be on schedule… again BLAH BLah.

Ok.. next couple… the husband and wife team. Very nice people. They went into their appointment and then came out. The nurse was working on getting their insurance verified and the system was down. She said most insurances have  a 20 copay and if they wanted to just pay that they could get going and they would bill the rest when the system came up. The Girl said ” don’t you know who we are?” the Nurse looked kind of puzzled and said no but she knew they were a patients parent and this is how it worked. The lady continued to “inform” the nurse her husband was a professional baseball player and the office could call and get it confirmed that they didn’t have to pay “that co pay.” The Nurse nicely states that most insurances don’t cover routine exams but the copay would just help out if they got a bill.  This went on for a few more minutes and was just funny to watch.

The mom and son in the other corner. He was visibly visually impaired, I would say even blind. He was out of his element so much that he was crying. The poor mom was trying her hardest to keep hiim in check and calm. All of which wasn’t working. He started crying so much that he started wretching and puking. The mom and daughter team moved ALL their stuff away from this mom and were staring. My heart ached for this mom.

We got called before the visually impaired kid and we let them go first and when we went back we were talking to the nurse. She was just so thankful that we let the other kid go. But we started talking about what I had witnessed in the waiting room.

The mom and daughter team… The mom was a pediatrcian and felt it was HER RIGHT to get in right on time. Are you kidding? Does she ever have anyone waiting? If the answer is no I want that doc. But of course the answer is yes of course she does. What makes her any better than anyone else in that office? Her degree… I don’t think so. You see many of us have degrees. May not be an MD or a DO but we have a degree. We are all also there for the benefit of our child. She is no better than the rest of us in that office.

The baseball couple. A 20 dollar co pay. BIG DEAL. EVERYONE in that office paid that same copay. What makes you any better than any one else. Besides. You make way more money that most of us and could pay the whole appointment in one swipe. Why make a big deal about 20 dollars.

The poor mom in the corner who had a wretching child. Do you think the 2 people listed above had any idea what it took for that mom to even VENTURE outside her house. How much anguish she felt when people could see that there was something Visibly wrong with her perfect baby? Her child was in my opinion the most important person in that room at the time ( including my own child) He was the one that was out of his element so badly that getting him in was much more important than a nap or what you did for a living.

I guess that is the beef I have. After opening yet ANOTHER bill of ten grand for Tyler I ache for some one to talk to who gets what it feels like to work and work and still be lacking in the ability to pay off these docs. For the never ending debt that we have accumulated because we loved one 1 lb little boy. There is no washing dishes for these docs. So frustrating. Then to sit in an office where you feel like others look down on you because of who they are or what they do. You are no better than any one else in that office. You will not have any special treatment because you are a doctor or a baseball player. That little boy in the corner and his mom had much more respect from me than the others. Why? Because she had compassion for her child and showed so much love.

I would owe a million dollars ( not that we don’t allready) to give Tyler the best in medical care, BUT… you are no better than he and vice versa. Be a compassionate person. Look around.

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Wordless Wedensday

May the force be with you!!

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Thats right. Ty had his first sleep over and didn’t even know he was gone. Sound weird… your telling me. Poor kid. But that is how it works when you live with no grannies around!!!!

Here is how our last two nights have been.

Saturday night I went to work at 7 Pm. Called and checked on Dallas and Bubba a little after 11. Life was good at the Browns’. I got off work after 3 am on Sunday morning and got home a little after 3:30 am and Dallas missed me so he decided to stay awake and wait up for me.  We chatted for a bit and he told me that Ty had been super restless and sure enough Ty was awake for the WHOLE DAY at 5. I decided it was easier for me to stay awake and let Dallas sleep than the other way around. When D got up I went in to sleep and we ate lunch and about 10 minutes later D said he wasn’t feeling well and he went to lie down.

We went to the store to do some last minute Grocery shopping and I got sick to my stomach. I chalked it up to not sleeping enough and went home and cooled our house off and sent D to lay down. He was doubled up in pain and it was easier to let him sleep. Poor guy.

I got Tyler in the bath and in bed and Dallas continued to be sick. He was doubled over in pain for parts of it. He went into bed for the night at about 9 and I followed at about 10. Since neither of us had slept much the day before I thought we would be out fast. At midnight Dallas got out of bed and went to the couch. He said it was to cold in the room ( which it was NOT) and he was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch ( so not a Dallas trait) I then heard a clatter in the kitchen and it sounded like all my dishes were dropped I come out and see Dallas on the floor shaking. He is pale as could be and I decide that he is not just sick but REALLY sick.

I called the Bishop to see if someone  could come stay with Ty and he asked that we bring him to his house. It was on the way. I pack three diapers a binkie and a bottle and get Dallas dressed and send D out to the car and I carry out a sleeping Tyler. He woke up when I put him in his chair. We drive the short distance to the Bishops house and he is outside in his robe waiting for Ty. His daughter was there waiting to help as well. Ty didn’t cry as we left him there and we headed into Gilbert.

At the ER he got in FAST ( probably cause he looked like he was gonna die) and they got him on an immediate bolus of saline and a nice dose of morphine. They took blood and we waited. Reed ( The elders quruom president aned friend of D’s) came to the hosptial and gave him a blessing and D quickly settled down. When the morphine wore off he was ready for a litte more and to find out why he was so sick.

The doc came in and said he found the culprit. While he was looking good all around Dallas had the flu. The real flu.. not just the 24 hour flu and he would feel much better once we got his intestines to stop having spasms. They gave him this nasty smelling concoction that smelled like foot scrub and hooked him up with magnesium and potassium and the rest of his saline and my sleepy hubby and I left around 4:30. We don’t live close to any 24 hour pharmacy so I decided just to get us home. On the way I called the Bishop and he said he would call when they got up for the day.

We got home and in bed around 5 and the Bishop was up at 6. So much for sleep for night number 2!! I went to get Bubba and he was sound asleep on the make shift bed the Bishop and his lovely wife had made for him. I picked him up and he smiled and said momma and he gave me a hug and we left to come home and watch a movie and get Dads meds.

Dallas got a lovely care package from Tyler. A card, a gallon of water and 2 gatorades. He was banned from Soda till he drank water and gatorade but we just needed to keep him with fluids. And he was allowed to sleep till he woke up. He woke up while we were out shopping for his present and bringing home the meds he needs to take. I was able to take a nap with Ty and when he woke up I stayed in bed and the sick daddy took care of him.

While taking care of Daddy, Bubba was taped dancing and conducting the music to Barney. So stay tuned for the funny video. Mom and dad are tired and ready for 8 hours of sleep in our own beds. Bubba is sound asleep and we are all feeling MUCH better tonight.

Those are the days you sure miss granny and aunties to take the bubba while someone takes a well needed nap BUT we did survive and we did the best we could and Ty … well he had no idea. He was one happy camper most of the day. Are we lucky or what!!

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Weekend reflection

It is Sunday again. I can’t believe how fast the week went… But did we acomplish anything… MAYBE!!

I worked from 7 pm- 7 am last saturday onto Sunday so hitting our 8 am church was NOT going to happen. My great hubby took care of Ty while I did the sleep thing and headed back to work from 7-12 midnight Sunday Night. So I got a whole ton of hours in just a short time.

Monday I did another short day at work and had spent the day time with Tyler. He has found that temper tantrums are good but he only does them when I am around and not his dad. Its funny how that works.

I had Tuesday and Wed off and we had a BBQ with some new friends on Wed. It was a lot of fun and we plan to get together again. We all get a long a little to well!!! Tyler has a new friend as well. His name is Quilliam ( Like William with a Q) He is one and a month and him and Ty play well together. So it was nice to get them together. Funny thing… Quilliams’ last name is Brown. ( not related but still Ironic)

Thursday I worked 7-12 midnight and just hung out with Ty during the day. Dallas forgot his wallet so we met him in Gilbert for a lunch sushi date. Ty had a peanut butter sandwhich and Dallas LOVED the raw stuff ( of course)

Friday we did the hang out thing. I was super super tired for some reason and so we did a lazy day. Dallas went to the shooting range with a co worker from work and got his fix in for the week. For those who don’t know, Dallas has really taken and interest in shooting so we will have to look into getting him a gun ( Christmas is coming)

Tyler has taken a huge interest in Barney so we spend the days listening to Barney songs. Oh and he has been up since 5 am ( not kidding.. he is wide awake watching Barney and Dancing away) and I got home at 3:30 am. Lucky for me I hadn’t been asleep when he woke. I tried to have him sleep with me in my bed but he sat up and asked for a video.. So here we sit!!

Things I am thankful for this week:

My sisters. I have gotten a lot closer to them. Especially to Crys the last little bit. Thanks for the “chat” the other night. I will let you know what comes of it.

Tyler. He is such a joy. We have a love hate thing going on right now. Of course mostly love but my goodness is the terrible two’s crazy. But the words I love you that comes from his little body is the most wonderful sound. Even at 3 am.

Dallas. He is my best friend and I couldn’t do any of this without him. He takes Tyler every night and gets to enjoy his bath time with him and then the EARLY mornings when I can’t drag my late night butt out of bed. I especially liked the surprise of a hubby waiting up for me because he missed me. He is the best friend in the entire world.

Last but not least is the testimony we have of Families and the promise of being together forever. Tyler is the most precious thing to both of us and we couldn’t imagine losing what we have at death. When we add that last addition  am sure it will be the same. What a joy!!!

That is my weekend reflection. Please go visit Judi for more!!

Also for those that read: Please keep Noah in your prayers. He is doing awesome and is finally home. Also on his blog is a link to baby Beckham who is a cousins son of Crys and Dallas ( I think) and he JUST got his new heart as well. They need all the prayers they can get!!

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A meme for your enjoyment.

Jobs I have held:

First Job I ever had was with my dad at Sunshine Enterprises. We cleaned carpets, stripped and waxed floors and mowed a few lawns. We moved into detailing cars and doing oil changes.

Food Ranch



a phone survey place called Western Watts in Provo

Directv ( I ended up doing this the rest of my college career and then some.. so like 6 years total.)

Home health and LDS hospital

And now my current Job which is STILL a secret to A LOT of people… COME ON GUESS!!! I dare you!!

Oh and my most important Job yet… A MOM and WIFE!!

Movies I can watch over and over:


Remeber the Titans

Brokedown palace

Shows I enjoy:


special delivery on Discovery

Big brother


Greys and ER

Places I have been for vacation:

Growing up we didn’t have a real BIG vacation but 2 times. We always went camping and stuff but our big vacations were Yellowstone and California. Me and Dallas have gone to Wendover and Vegas.

Body parts I have injured:

I have broken my finger ( thank you Lizzette) and a broken tailbone. I have had surgery on my ovaries 2 times and then my c section made my whole body injured. I did cut my muscle under my leg. It has a huge whole in my leg muscle but never cut the skin. Kinda gross.  Oh and I have had stiches in my tongue and my forehead.


Nana Goat


Honey and momma

Favorite food:

Shrimp Scampi

fettucine and buttered shrimp that Dally makes YUMMY!!


Braza grill….Wish we had one here in Arizona 😦

Top Websites I visit:

I think this changes.. I have a HUGE list of blogs. So I can name them but might get boring.



Desert schools

Currently I check KSL all the time

and my Sisters blog ( Nicky, Tammy and Crystal and Jenny)

Places I have lived:

Orangeville Utah


Salt Lake


Columbus Indiana

Muncie Indiana ( 2 times)

South Bend Indiana

Goshen Indiana

We stayed in Scottsdale for 2 weeks while we got moved and now we live in Mesa Arizona

TAG your it:

Nicky POO the girl




Jenny Jingles Brown

Jen K.

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Thursday 13….. My first one!!

Thirteen Things about Nancy Brown

1. I currently live in Arizona.
2. I work part time and LOVE it.
3. I am married to a wonderful man named Dallas
4. I have a baby who is almost 2. He is the joy of our lives.
5. I talk to my sisters ( at least one of them) everyday. ( This also includes one of my husbands sisters. I would consider them my sisters to!!)
6. I have my old pediatrician on speed dial on a cell phone. She is my life line and has known Tyler since he was 2 pounds!!
7. I do not consider a preemie any baby over 34 weeks.
8. I lost touch of my best friend in High School but I talk to her everyday day now. I miss her and can’t wait to get together when we go to Vegas. ( along with adding a Newer friend Andrea to the mix.)
9. I became friends with a girl in Logan and our kids have the same birthdays.
10. Ty has 2 birthdays one in September and one in December. Aunt Crystal does to… one in December and one in April.
11. I would love to learn photography.
12. I would love to finish my degree and work with kids in the early intervention program.
13. I have 2 anniversary dates. One on June 14th and one on June 10th but I have oly been married to one person.

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Wordless Wednesday!!!


No he isn’t crying bcause his face is blue… I asked him to hold still for a picture!!!!

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PSA???? Not on your life


So I got an email in my inbox the other day. As I read it I laughed and deleted and shared with Dallas.. It went something like this.

Dear parent of a preemie.

We are holding a contest for a PSA for March of Dimes. We want your stuff and we will use your pictures and stuff to help raise money to save babies from prematurity ( because it is a disease DUH!!) So send us your stuff. ( paraphrasing my bitterness)

Winners will get 5k and we get to use your pictures and what ever.


Ok. So for those that have read my blog in any way know that I am a bitter mom against the march of dimes. But don’t worry. They developed surfactant.. the ONLY thing that can be contributed in over 15 years to them. So why would they want to use my babies pictures. To sucker people into donating.

When you read their phamplets and see their advertisments for their walk it says to help families of premature infants and research. When I had a preemie I called because I was all alone and they said they don’t do anything to help. They just do research. How decieving.  When Ty was featured in the deseret news they wanted to use his pictures. NO WAY. I didn’t want money or monetary things. I wanted a support group. They are getting one going but in Utah ( where we USE to live) They had to PAY the administrator to get a NICU support going. Why does my money need to go to pay an administrator when I would have volunteered to do it. When I did volunteer it didn’t seem to matter.

So…. March of Dimes, Not on your life will I ever EVER tell someone to donate to you. Donate to a wonderful cause like COTA or Ronald Mcdonald house. Those are people who are helping others.


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